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Old June 27th, 2018, 05:21 AM   #1
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Default Lost my only Friend

I'm not the type of person to write so sorry for my grammar. I've always had a tragix time making friends. The only time I had a good amount of friends and i was in a good place was late super late 2015 entering 2016. Than I lost them because of my Grandmother falling ill and I moved with my Father. Its been hell since. Some Girl Named ashley always hated me we would fight argue curse each other out,etc. But somehow one day I was walking in the streets and ran into her and we ended up making best friends with her and for once i actually felt happy. than she moved not like oh a hour away from new york to north Carolina and he talk on the phone it isnt the same. everyone hates me i have no friends and ive fallen into a depression and dont know what to do.
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Old June 27th, 2018, 07:07 AM   #2
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Default Re: Lost my only Friend

First of all, if you're in the middle of a depression right now, you should first let your mom or dad know. They'll be able to help with that.
Then, i think that everyone has insecurities that they can't socialize with people. Try to talk to people that you could see yourself hanging out with, and people that are similar to you. Listen to what people are saying and walk up and tell a joke about what they're talking about. You could also start out with something formal, like walking up and shaking hands with somebody and introducing yourself. This works better with people you know who are pretty polite. Once you've broken the ice, start to tell them about yourself, and nothing person, just talk about yourself and ask a few questions.
Remember that you are young and will enjoy having a large variety of friendships, even if they may not be as strong as the friendship you once had maybe. Let yourself mourn your lost friendship, but don't let it take over your life. Think of it as a new opportunity. Hope that helped a little bit.

"It's a game of running, yet not always all out.
It's a game of passion, yet under harness and rein.
It's a game of team, of passing and sharing.
It's a game supreme, this Beautiful Game".
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Old June 27th, 2018, 11:40 AM   #3
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Default Re: Lost my only Friend

Why do you think you lost a friend? You didn't, it's just another type of friendship, long distance friendship, don't lose it
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Old June 29th, 2018, 05:58 PM   #4
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Name: Andy
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Default Re: Lost my only Friend

The two of u made up and became
friends again and talked on the phone.
Its not like u lost a friend. Continue to
talk with her and confide in her of ur
depression. She just might give u some
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Old July 4th, 2018, 04:45 PM   #5
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Name: Jamie
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Default Re: Lost my only Friend

You need to find a way out of your depression and love yourself. Build up and have confidence in yourself. To make friends you need to be friendly and say hi to others and initiate conversations and try getting into groups. Don't be shy and feel that no one will befriend you. You can do it just be you and go out there and find some friends.

I am gay and happy with that.
I love talking to people very open & willing to listen.
I am also glad to try help with questions or problems.
Hit me up for anything. I promise I don't bite.
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