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Old June 3rd, 2018, 02:04 AM   #1
Name: J.
Join Date: March 18, 2018
Location: Some Little Spot in the East
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Default Studying Abroad For a Fresh Start

So this past summer (Ours is March to May), I had an amazing 2 month vacation with my whole family including my significantly older siblings. One of the reasons why my parents arranged for this is that they realised we have enough money to send me to college in any Western school for at least 3 years (without debt) and next year I might need some internships to pad the resume so to speak (so we might not have a chance to do this again).

I知 honestly overjoyed and grateful. But I知 really hesitant going alone on my own and the possibility that after college I might not return home (career opportunities life in general). You see my parents wants me to study in the US as I have an Aunt who married a US citizen and lives in the West Coast. If this is the case she wants to sponsor me for at least a green card after finishing college (So I think I値l be away an additional year right US VTer痴). Though I could still chose other countries this sounds to be more appealing and smartest option.

However, I知 beginning to realise I知 bisexual and I would like to take this opportunity to start a new. I知 closeted and would want to remain closeted due to the fact that my parents are paying for my schooling. This makes living somewhere near my aunt a complicated thing. I have a fear of not finishing school being disowned and homeless if they find out in the middle of this.

How should I make my decision. I've narrowed down my major and selected some schools and contacted them. This is an amazing opportunity and since I have 2 years more I need your advise on how to choose. Should I follow my heart and choose an area where my parents couldn稚 possibly find out I知 bi? or should I take the safe and smart option and be very near my aunt and risk her finding out if she happens to visit me or something?

Why worry about my aunt? Aside from culture of being so close and tight knit, my parents and even this Aunt are really old 9obviously had me very late). Aunt and husband met and married late and are childless. Aunt always liked me since I知 significantly younger in my generation and spoils me. She even wants me to consider living in her house which is tempting since its an unsaid deal that if I take this I may be able to pocket some of the living expenses that my parents prepared for rent etc. She also implies I could either use her car or she would buy me one (second hard or some cheap new car) if I live with her. But of course, I知 seeing this as some sort of bondage for me given my circumstances.

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Name: Liam
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Location: The road opposite the big lake on the island in front of the big city on the mainland.
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Default Re: Studying Abroad For a Fresh Start

I'm on this road too. But I recommand you not to look so far into the future.

Just beginn with your studies and slightly start to plan your future career by researching the neccessary opportunities to reach the goal, what ever this mean to you.

All in all, be flexible so you can spontaneously implement opportunities that are appear unexpected on your way, but that give you much better options than the ones you've already have put into your plan.

"Life is that prison you'll never leave alive."

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Name: J.
Join Date: March 18, 2018
Location: Some Little Spot in the East
Gender: Male
Default Re: Studying Abroad For a Fresh Start

May I ask how similar our situations are? For me to be honest. The turning point was really the finances. I think my parents surprised me during our vacation that we hit a financial windfall and my options instantly broadened because of that.
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