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Old July 28th, 2016, 04:24 AM   #21
Name: maria
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Default Re: It's sexual abuse?

Don't allow this to happen! It's sexual abuse!
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Old September 12th, 2016, 11:02 PM   #22
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Default Re: It's sexual abuse?

I'd first speak to your parents about getting your own room.

Secondly as you both get older, this incident will continually be in the back of your mind. You should sit down with your brother and let him know this upset you and you didn't want it - and it must never ever happen again.

Then make a decision if you want to tell your parents or not. Doing so could cause a family blowout but not saying anything could also jeopardize your safety if the behaviour continues.
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Old September 13th, 2016, 08:55 AM   #23
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Default Re: It's sexual abuse?

Originally Posted by jpcastro1959 View Post
I don't know if my problem is sexual abuse or not. I have a brother two years older than me. I can say that besides beeing my brother he's too my best friend and we share our room. Six months ago, he started to masturbate openly over his bed. I asked him if he wasn't embarrased for doing that in front of other people. He said to me that I were his own brother and that was a natural thing that everyone did. Then he came to my bed and he masturbated me and made me to masturbate him. Afterwards he come often to my bed and we make things, even blowjobs. . I told that to a priest in confession and he told me that my brother was abusing me and I must to told that to an adult in my family or, at least, speak seriously with him. But I'm afraid to lose my brother and I feel guilty because, though I don't like to make these things to him, I must confess that I like when he makes them to me; but only in the precise moment, because afterwards I feel really bad and I promise myself not allowing it again. Please, I need help.
That is 100% sexual abuse buddy, please go tell your parents ASAP! That is not normal at all.I hope things get better

I'm a prettyyy awkward weeb that likes alcohol and punk rock :')
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Old September 18th, 2016, 06:38 PM   #24
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Name: Damon
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Location: usa, fl
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Default Re: It's sexual abuse?

ive talked to alot of ppl who do sexual stuff with brothers or other family. some of them its just part of their relationship n how they love each other. others its forced n not cool.

the ones who r cool w it can all talk abt it w the other person. if someone tries to do the sex stuff but cant talk abt it, esp over n over again, it cud be that he has an internal problem w sex to work out.

it sounds like thats whats happenin w ur bro. maybe hes tryin to work out some experience or abuse in his past, but he shudnt use u for that.

if u can try to get him talkin to ur rents or a counselor. hell come back to talkin to u agn bc ur stuk bein bros forevr.
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Old October 20th, 2016, 10:03 PM   #25
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Default Re: It's sexual abuse?

Well, in other situations I might say differently, but in this case, yes, it is sexual abuse. If he made you do it to him, then that is abuse. Not to mention, doing stuff like that with a family member is NOT OK. In fact, it is illegal. Please talk to your brother, and if he doesn't stop, talk to a parent.
I'll be praying for you
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