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Default Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder

My girlfriend of 1+ years has been diagnosed with this disorder. She & her parents let me go into the doc's office with them when she explained it. Basically, the name says exactly how the disorder functions.

In our case, her mood swings were unexpected, difficult to define, & made for a pretty crazy relationship! She could go from having a normal affect 90% of the time, to an absolute rage in a number of minutes, seldom remembering her rage behavior being as hostile as it was. It was a hell of a roller coaster ride!

I love her, & although 90% of her rage is directed toward me, I want to support her as she tries to find a medication combination that is effective. The standard meds for 'regular' Bipolar patients, such as lithium& valproic acid have zero effect.

Her doctor prescribed Wellbutrin, an antidepressant, as well as a few others. I did not see much change in her behavior. It is almost as if there are two people living inside of her brain. For lack of better terms, I have labeled them as the 'Nice Kylie" & the "Mean Kylie." Most of the time, she is kind, gentle, loving, etc. But when the Mean Kylie emerges, she is very derogatory, loves to humiliate me, & seems almost sociopathic- no regard for how her actions or statements may hurt me, her parents, or friends. Later, when things have calmed (it might be 10 minutes or 48 + hours) she refuses to believe the things I tell her that she has said/done). Furthermore, she had refused to accept responsibility for her destructive behavior, & she has NEVER apologized in a sincere manner. Example: "I'm sorry it upset you when I called you a F^#king asshole." IMO, she is not apologizing for her behavior, just that I let it upset me. If you want more specific info, just ask in a response to this post, if that is allowed on the forum.

By now, many of you might be thinking that I should follow the advice of my friends & 'Dump the Bitch!". I have tried, but she was always able to manipulate me into coming back.

BUT, the purpose of this note is not to whine about my character flaws regarding girls, but to tell you that she is now MUCH better! You have probably seen the TV commercials, but the medication LATUDA is supposed to specifically target Bipolar people. Kylie started this medication in May 2015, & still takes it. The difference is absolutely amazing! No, I don't work for the manufacturer of latuda! Bottom line, the good Kylie is there 99.8% of the time, her moods are much more stable...WOW! We have had a few minor skirmishes over the summer, but she can talk about it without being defensive or hostile, & we work it out.

I'm obviously not a doctor, but the difference is absolutely amazing! If you are anywhere within the spectrum of Bipolar disorders, I strongly encourage you to talk to your doctor about trying this medication. All psychiatrists (& if you are bipolar, you need a psychiatrist that is an expert on these new meds, your family doctor is usually not qualified to manage bipolar disorders) have tons of samples available from the representative of the company that makes Latuda. The Latuda website & have discount coupons. It might take 3 months for the latuda to steady the rapidly changing dopamine, Serotonins, norepinephrine levels, etc levels. In our case, it has truly been a miracle medication.

I hope this can be helpful for some of you. It certainly has for us. BUT, as the fine print & rapid talk about side effects explains, it might not be the right med for you.


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some days you're the windshield.
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