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Old December 14th, 2010, 04:45 AM   #1
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I have a mental illness but I have not gone into councelling for it, nor have I told anyone. I don't know specifically what it is, so any help is appreciated. I seem to always have thoughts of death in my mind, and out of nowhere images of tortured people or animals come into my mind. I sometimes hear talking, even though nobody is near me. Sometimes I see things that others say aren't there. I have an incredibly hard time distinguishing reality from my imagination, and in the past I have had visions of horrible events that I believed were about to happen (ie: nuclear attack on my home town). Sometimes I feel like I cannot control my actions and some outer force is controlling me. Ever since about a year ago I would get this image of me in my head as a kid. In this image, I was about 6 years old, and I kill my 2 pet hamsters. I am unaware if any of this actually happened. I have severe depression and have attempted suicide a few times in the past months. I also have severe anxiety and bipolar disorder. I feel completely nobody even cares about me or my health..
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Old December 14th, 2010, 05:50 AM   #2
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Name: Georgia
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Don't self diagnose. That's not the way to go about it.

There's no way that you can know that you have any of these things unless you see a professional about it. You are describing symptoms of depression and severe anxiety, but that does not mean that you definately have them. You might have them, but please don't tell yourself that you do until a professional diagnoses you.

Also, how old are you? Because it it's rare for someone younger than around 17 or 18 to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and even at that age it's still rare.

People do care about you, and no one deserves to feel the way you say you're feeling.

I strongly recommend that you go and see your doctor about this. It could be nothing, please don't assume that you have a mental illness, because they are very hard to diagnose.
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Old December 14th, 2010, 12:48 PM   #3
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Name: Rith
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It's increasingly common to diagnose teens with bipolar disorder. Though I don't quite agree with doing that myself. I've showed signs of bipolar disorder since I was very little, and it also runs in the family, so I very much agreed with their diagnosis, plus I have the hallucinations and delusions along with the moods.

But definitely see someone about this. You can't do much of diagnosing because from what you describe it could just fit in with your anxiety (like, for me, I get very unwanted thoughts because of my OCD. It doesn't mean I'm schizo, you know. It just fits in with everything else. I also see and hear things, but I put that with bipolar disorder since in severe cases patients can have that). There's always someone that cares, you're never alone hun. Best wishes.

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And I'm sorry the writing's on the wall. Well, I guess I'm the sorriest of all.
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Name: Chris
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What you are describing does sound like anxiety and depression, but that does not mean you have those things. Everybody gets depressed, and everyone gets anxious. When it becomes normal for you to stay depressed for a very long time, or stay anxious for a very long time, that is when it becomes a problem. I would reccomend going to see a doctor about this because it is not something that you want to keep bottled up inside you. You need to let a doctor know so that you can be diagnosed and be treated. Please go see a doctor. If you have any questions, feel free to pm me.

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