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Default the greatest thing about me is that I'm VERY VERY rich (in upvotes)

so apparently there's word about town that my posts are basically incomprehensible to the average laypersyn. that and xey wonder if my devoted worship of the Volksgeist manifested in the person of Hitler is legit or just a 12th-level troll. allow me to correct the record, if you will, here in the Diner since I didn't think a thread about me would fit in ROTW (although I am a pretty big deal over there 2bh).

Originally Posted by Paraxiom View Post
For future reference, I want to know (with me suspending judgement ofc) how much you actually support nazism/related and how much you mention as an element in humour.
glad you asked, fam! now let's dive right in:

my absolutely 1000 percent serious opinion on Hitler is that he was a psychotic, megalomaniacal, incompetent "leader." his actions were not only murderous and tyrannical but also was a huge ass setback to far-right movements up to and including the present day. Hitler actually was right about a lot of things (Mein Kampf is part, but not complete bullshit) but that doesn't make up for his serious flaws and inability to rule. people who unironically idolize him, either despite his crimes or because of them, are pretty obviously checked out upstairs and aren't really worth listening to.

I will say though that Hitler's corpse receives a disproportionate amount of hatefucking given how long he's been dead and all. I see all mass-murdering dictators of the past as being good cautionary tales but at the same time they've been gone way too long to warrant this level of emotional reaction.

for reference, Nazism refers to the actual NSDAP and its policies, or those who want an actual restoration of Nazi Germany or a close analogue including one-way camping excursions in the forest. this is a strain of the far-right that's distinct from the Third Position and its derivatives including my own views.

anyway, I think Hitler's Nazism did a few things incidentally right but fucked shit up way too badly and permanently to redeem themselves even a bit. I will admit that I find the Nazi-era kitschy vlkisch stuff appealing in a very corny way, but I'm a sucker for anything old and white, as you probably noticed. nevertheless, I don't like the idea of destroying the museum full of entartete Kunst by burning down the whole country.

I'm going to go ahead and say that I'm pretty racist, since that's the label I'm getting anyway. unlike some in this crew I'm not worried about adopting some euphemism like "racial realist" or whatever-else they use - no sense in trying to play the Left's game here.

contrary to popular belief this does not mean that I want to Holocaust all non-whites or ship black people back to Africa or whatever. I hold to the view that ethnic groups have different degrees of divergence and human society is most stable when its inhabitants belong to their own kind. this of course means I oppose multiculturalism on the national level - but I also believe that the world itself is multicultural with each ethnic group deserving of its own autonomous state. that and I simply prefer living among other white Americans in the United States since it's what I am and the culture I was born into and familiar with.

as for what to "do" with American blacks, I think they've been oppressed by their own saviors for many decades now and it's time for another approach, one that's uncomfortable at first but guaranteed to work better than the Left's current formula of "add White people = Hitler to textbooks + food stamps" isn't working.

shipping them back to Africa is out of the question because they are now a distinct ethnic group that has adopted American culture - they'd immediately get slaughtered by their much meaner (and dumber*) distant cousins on the Dark Continent. historically, when we whites literally wuz kangz, they were nowhere near as much of a problem as some of the far right makes them out to be. it's only now that the Left's social experiment in "pretend an apple is an orange and roll wittit" has started to come apart at the seams and they've suffered for it.

*The average IQ of American blacks is higher than that of sub-Saharan Africa. Dr. Ben Carson vs. M'bembe the witch doctor.


any additional questions can be asked ITT, and you can also consult the Glossary of Phuckisms stickied up here in the Diner. lay some posts on me homies.

~ not posting anymore cru ~

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Default Re: the greatest thing about me is that I'm VERY VERY rich (in upvotes)

IQ is a bad measure of intelligence, just saying. One of my biology teachers has a phd and teaches A-level biology and when she came to do an iq test she failed to hard the person doing the test asked if she understood what to do. I'd point out what you said was racist but you're clearly very open with that.

Oh and you insulted what you thought was a progressive policy, or at least a policy that you have drastically changed in order to make it easier for you to counter but offered no solution with what you would do.

As for the rest of the post I don't know whether you really believe it or you're trying to be funny.

I'm a prettyyy awkward weeb that likes alcohol and punk rock :')
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