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Default Male ED

I'm sure I have anorexia. 17, 5ft 7 and barely 104lbs. I eat very little. I'm frail. I get made fun of. Two years ago I was 5ft 5, also 104lbs and presented to ED with terrible testicular pain which was later put down to my briefs actually being too tight for my junk because they were so small . My waist is 23" which is scary small. My parents are always suspicious and three doctors insist my blood work is fine though. I literally cannot eat a proper meal.

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Name: Andy
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Default Re: Male ED

If ur blood work is fine have u asked
any of ur doctors what they think the
cause of ur loss of appetite is? Anorexia
more or less comes in people who binge
eat then force themselves to vomit. Unless
ur starving urself I think u lack nutrition.
A good doctor could put u on a sensible
diet. Anorexia symptoms also r weakness
and feeling dizzy and always tired.
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Name: Winona Sylvie
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Default Re: Male ED

I'm assuming that when you say you believe you have anorexia, you're referring to it as a decreased appetite. Be sure not to confuse anorexia with anorexia nervosa, which would be starving yourself on purpose. With that said, if you feel your loss of appetite is normal, you should definitely seek out more specialized help, regardless of what your doctors say about your bloodwork. After all, you know your body best! Don't just disregard your concerns because of a doctor's opinion here.

If you haven't already, you should talk about these specific concerns with your primary care provider. If you haven't talked to your doctor directly about this concern, they won't be able to diagnose it in the first place and assume you're fine. I'd tell them exactly what you wrote here-- especially about that inability to eat a proper meal! Explain when these symptoms started and the severity.

The causes of anorexia can be quite broad, so you'll likely need more than just bloodwork to figure out what could be wrong. This issue could be related to your digestive system-- so it would be good to get tests done, like x-rays, to study your stomach, esophagus, etc. You could also get a referral to a specialist, such as a gastroenterologist or nutritionist.

I know it can be hard to find answers (I went through issues with my own digestive system at one point!) but just keep going. Find a doctor who will really listen to you and do what's necessary to help you find a solution. Best of luck!
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