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Old August 26th, 2010, 02:47 PM   #1
Femme Fatale
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Name: Paula
Join Date: August 10, 2008
Location: Toronto
Age: 27
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Default Best Friend, This is Goodbye.

Dear best friend,
a stranger you began as,
before i could call us that,
you were the closest thing to me,
So close you were part of me.

We captured many moments,
shared many conversations,
we understood each other on deeper levels,
but it wouldn't be like that for too long.

I've changed you for another,
and you've done exactly the same to me.
I guess that is alright.
I'll love you forever no matter what.

You will remain forever a stranger,
because you don't know me,
and i certainly don't know you anymore.
Life has moved on, and left us behind.

I hope you do well,
You used to be my best friend,
tonight I don't recognize you,
even though I still love you.

It seems almost cruel to break such ties,
that seemed so crucial once upon a time.
We've finally found a crossroad that guided us apart,
Find our own way, whichever seems to be smart.

I'll care for you till my last day,
I'll even call you when you've forgotten my name.
I'll surprise you with a ghostly visit,
you'll feel me, even when I'm not there.

Because a stranger you are,
and a stranger you'll remain,
not because I want to,
It's just meant to be that way.

Just remember the way i felt,
when I was the only one there,
to care for you,
even when you denied there being a reason.

Because no one knows you better than me,
I was there to understand you,
decipher your tricky mind games,
I know for certain,
I probably know you better than yourself.

You are a good man,
just confused on a lonely path,
I hope you make a good life,
stop living this lie.

Forgive me my faults,
If I ever hurt you,
I swear it was not my intention.
It's just the fault of love.

But this is goodbye,
We won't cross paths,
I'm certain that you won't mind,
If I ever see you again,
I promise to smile,
but this is goodbye.

The X-Rated Secrets
The Kitten Has Claws

~Laura was here~
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Old August 26th, 2010, 02:54 PM   #2
Name: kenz
Join Date: February 13, 2009
Location: toronto
Age: 25
Gender: Female
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Default Re: Best Friend, This is Goodbye.

so is this poem based on a real person
i like it. i think u need to teach me poetry classes
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