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Divide By Hero
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Default The Boy in the Mountains extensive outline (new novel idea)

The Boy in the Mountains

Location: Unnamed mountain range on a small island off the coast of South Africa.

Main characters: Derrick Burnett, 18 year old genius and psychopath. Joseph Raines, ex-spec. ops., now a gun for hire.

Backstory: Burnett is a computer genius. He has trained with guns since the age of 13 and is one of the top marksmen in the world. Burnett makes a living off of hacking the bank accounts of corrupt CEOs and other rich personnel who acquire their money by not so modest means. Burnett read an article on front page of a local paper that talked about a private military company named “Saphyre.” An incident in the Middle East in which hundreds of civilians were found dead was blamed on employees of Saphyre who were stationed near the area. The article talked about mass corruption and a “lack of morals” among the soldiers hired by Saphyre. Burnett read more about them and learned that their leading competitor in the PMC business was “Shadowbrace.” Burnett hacked Saphyre’s computer systems and uploaded all of their data to his computer. He then shared secret plans and even several cover-ups that top Saphyre officials helped deliver and protect, with the whole world on an internet forum. Quickly thereafter he emailed the head of Shadowbrace all of the information he acquired. The leader thanked him and attempted to use it as blackmail against Saphyre. Saphyre responded by firebombing Shadowbrace’s main base in Argonnes, France. Shortly thereafter, Shadowbrace went bankrupt and fell off the face of the planet. Saphyre became the leading PMC again, with almost no worries in terms of competition… But they still had one loose end… The boy who caused the mess, Derrick Burnett.

Story: Burnett’s house is raided by two Saphyre soldiers toting assault rifles shortly after his name is discovered when Saphyre learns of his email address by brutally interrogating the former leader of Shadowbrace. The men do not attempt to kill Burnett. They do not even attempt to seize him. They inquire about a position at Saphyre. Apparently the top officials think Burnett would make for a brilliant computer technician or maybe even field operative at Saphyre. Burnett tells them he’s not interested and they leave.

Five days later his house is raided by six heavily armed gunmen. His mom, suffering from mental deterioration and physical ailments that have caused her to lose function in both legs, is shot while in her wheelchair, right in front of her son. Burnett gets a shotgun from a closet by his bathroom and shoots one of the gunmen in the chest. When he realizes there are too many men for him to take on, he jumps out his second story bedroom window, landing awkwardly, but suffering nothing more than a couple bruises. He flees and attempts to create a new identity using his computer skills.

After acquiring his new identity, Burnett decides it is best to leave the country. He acquires tickets for a plane headed to South Africa. Saphyre continues hunting for him, unaware of his new identity. Burnett lands in South Africa and locates a harbor on the west coast. He asks a man to take him to any of the several small islands off the coast of West Africa. The man takes him to an island so small and scarcely inhabited that it goes by the moniker “No Man’s Island.” There is a highly elevated mountain range on No Man’s Island.

After associating with the natives and growing accustomed to their various rituals and customs, Burnett heads up the mountain, touting nothing more than climbing equipment, a smart phone, several thousand dollars that he acquired via hacking bank accounts, a pistol, a hunting knife, a crossbow and about a months’ worth of water and food that ranges from potato chips to granola bars.
Burnett trades American currency for local goods and becomes close friends with the chief of the nearest village. Burnett becomes a high member of the local society and grows to be known as “The Boy in the Mountains,” as he spends most of his time living up there. Upon acquiring enough supplies, Burnett stays in the mountains for an extended period of time.

After several months have passed, Saphyre has uncovered Burnett’s identity, by using newly acquired facial recognition software on airports across the country, after receiving an anonymous tip that Burnett had fled. Upon tracking him to South Africa, Saphyre interrogates locals, asking if they know of Burnett. They track Burnett’s whereabouts to a seaside port. They find the man who took Burnett by boat to “No Man’s Island.” Saphyre scouts the island and sends several men there to learn more about Burnett’s exact whereabouts. They learn that he is known as “The Boy in the Mountains.”

Despite the danger he presents, Saphyre decides to send a former spec. ops. marine turned mercenary named Joseph Raines in to the minimally populated island, to capture, not kill Burnett. Raines gets to the island and begins climbing the mountain. Upon reaching a peak, he is shot in the side with a bolt from a crossbow. The bolt was tainted with a poison that causes Raines to faint.

The brilliant Burnett then injects Raines with an amnesiac. He then uses a pair of headphones that came with his smart phone and plays subliminal messages in Raines’ ears while Raines is still asleep. When Raines awakens he has a splitting headache and can’t remember where he is or why he’s there. The subliminal messages begin to help Raines with his recollection. He begins to think he has been living in the mountains for awhile now, that he was expelled for the United States for some fraudulent allegation. He believes Burnett is a boy named “Yuri” who has fled to the mountains too. He becomes friends with “Yuri” and the two live peaceably together in the mountains… Until…

Upon losing contact with Raines, Saphyre decides to go with a more aggressive strategy, they send two borrowed F-22 Raptors toward the island and have them fire laser-guided missiles on several run-throughs at the mountain range. The explosions rock the whole island, but fail to kill Burnett and Raines who hide out in a cove on the side of the mountain. The attack disorients Raines and Burnett leaves, fearing Raines will realize the truth.

At first Burnett arms himself and prepares to kill Raines, but he realizes that even though Raines is beginning to remember things, he could still be a valuable ally. The deeply confused and mired Raines spikes up a conversation with Burnett when Burnett, after being gone for nearly a week, returns, carrying more food and several canteens of water. Burnett explains his past. He explains that when he was thirteen, he murdered his father, but made it look like an accident. He had “tripped” and stabbed his abusive father in the chest with a pair of scissors. He acted traumatized thereafter. The court believed it was an accident and no charges were ever pressed. Burnett’s mother had been physically incapacitated and mentally depraved since Derrick was seven. Raines, who was raised by an abusive father and who never met his mother, who left him when he was just six months old, sympathizes with Derrick.

Despite remembering the majority of his mission and realizing what he was paid to do, Raines sides with Burnett. But the two have a tough endeavor ahead, as Saphyre attempts to literally take over the entire island in their manhunt for Burnett… And now it isn’t “we want him alive,” it’s “we want him in a body bag and we want his remains burned and tossed into the ocean.”

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