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Default ***Boys Ultimate Puberty Guide And Useful Thread Directory***

Welcome to the Ultimate Boys Puberty Guide and Directory. This sticky has been made up of two threads to make a really useful information guide. The Boys Puberty Useful Thread Directory was made by Oblivion and the Puberty Guide was made by Neverender

If you come across an error or a dead link please PM myself, Thanks!

Boys Puberty Useful Thread Directory
To help avoid those threads you've seen a thousand times

Please Note: Many of these threads are old, and will most likely be locked by a moderator if posted in. So don't bother posting in them! [Unless it is a sticky]

MANY People overlook this I suppose, but it is very useful: Puberty FAQ

General Penis and Testicle Problems
Poll and Info
Do your balls drop?
My penis is curved!

Lube [Lubrication]
What kind should I use?
What is lube?

Masturbation and Cumming
I can't cum! [No link yet]
I can't cum, but I can pre cum. What the heck?
Do I masturbate to much?

Am I Gay? Bi?
I masturbated with my friend!
I like to watch gay porn...

When will they grow?
Do you shave them?

Should I use a condom? [No link yet, but the answer is yes ]
For oral sex?
For anal sex?
Am I ready?
Can I use something else as a condom?
How long does sex last?

What stage am I in?
How old until I can go into a sex shop?
Have you ever been caught masturbating or looking at porn?


Welcome to the Boys Puberty Guide!

This is a more in depth view of puberty in boys than is in the announcement on the General Questions, Polls and surveys Made by Good Old Maverick. Puberty FAQ and Information - THIS MIGHT ANSWER YOUR QUESTION!

I spent my time making this, everyone, not because I think it will answer all questions. Oh no, I made this just to -maybe- keep the new guys that ask the same questions over and over from making the same threads over and over, pushing all the other questions off the page.

Also, as I do have a life, I will add more questions to this 2831 word racket as I see fit, or I have the time.

During Puberty you body will undergo changes that will transform you from a child to an adult. This guide will help provide the answers for that time and for all the newbie’s to VT.
It’s a lot easier to make a lovely thing like this when of your own gender, so sorry ladies but you’ll have to make your own.

Section 1: Introduction to Puberty
1. What is Puberty?
2. How long does Puberty Last?
3. How Should I Feel About Puberty?
4. What is happening with my voice lately?
5. When Will I get Taller?

Section 2: Your Skin
1. Why do I have Sudden Outbreaks of Pimples?
2. What is Blackheads/Acne?
3. How do I get rid of my pimples?
4. Other Skin Conditions

Section 3: Hair, Pubic Hair and Shaving
1. What is Pubic Hair?
2. When will I start to grow Pubic hair?
3. When will I first Notice Facial hair?
4. How do I shave?
5. When will I first grow chest hair?

Section 4: Your penis, ejaculation, masturbation
1. What are the Testicles and Penis?
2. What is ejaculation?
3. My Penis bends to one side, is this normal?
4. What are erections and why do I get them?
5. How will my Penis and Testicles change during puberty?
6. How will I know if my penis is too small?
7. How do I know if I am circumcised? What is Circumcision?
8. The skin on my penis won't pull back. How do I pull back my foreskin?
9. I have spots on my penis/scrotum. Are these an STD?
10. I feel something soft and squishy in my scrotum. What is it?
11. When will ejaculate for the first time?
12. What is masturbation and how do I do it?
13. Risks and Benefits of Masturbation
14. What are “Blue Balls”?
15. Why do I get embarrassing erections?
16. Why do I need to worry about testicular cancer?
17. What are some myths about masturbation?

Section 5: Links


Section 1: Introduction to puberty.

1. What is Puberty?
Puberty is the process that your body goes through as you grow from a child to an adult. During Puberty, your body and mind changes in many ways.

Some things you will notice during puberty:
You Get Taller
Your Shoulders Get Wider
You Grow Hair in your pubic areas, legs, arms, chest, face, etc.
Your Muscles Get Bigger
Your Voice Cracks and gets Deeper and Lower
Your Genitals Increase In Size

In addition to these Physical changes, you might notice mental and emotional changes yourself. Your relationships with your friends and family may change as well.

2. How Long Does Puberty Last?
Puberty generally starts between the ages of 9-14. For many boys, it takes 5 or 6 years to go through all the different stages of puberty. But every boy is unique and will go through puberty at his own pace. Some boys go through these changes a lot quicker than others; this is normal as there is no exact timetable for everybody to follow in puberty. Puberty, on average stops in the early twenties for males, but of course it doesn’t work like that for all.

3. How should I Feel About Puberty?
Different Boys have different feelings about puberty. Some can't wait to see changes in their bodies, and others feel that they could never change and be able to handle it. Whichever of these ways you feel is normal. Boys (and girls) start to feel differently as well as changing physically, so this is completely normal, and is down to those pesky hormones again, or at least, that is what is believed to be the cause in the science world.

4. What is happening to my voice lately? One Minute its squeaky and the next its deep?
During Puberty, your vocal cords grow wider and longer. Your Larynx (voice box) grows as well. This change to your vocal cords courses your voice to get deeper and lower as the vocal cords don't vibrate as quickly. Some can expect this change overnight (like me) and some may experience it over a longer period. While that’s happening, your voice goes up and down in pitch. It’s normal. It will go away after the vocal cords have grown completely and have evened out their tone.

5. When will I grow Taller?
The average boy grows fastest around age 14-15 and stops at the age of 20. But these are just averages. There’s no way to predict your own growth spurt. Some will start sooner and others later.


Section 2: Skin

1. Why Do I have sudden outbreaks of pimples?
During Puberty, your bodies main hormone, testosterone, makes the skin secrete more oil. A mixture of oil and skin debris (serum) can sometimes get trapped in hair follicles. Then if a bacterium enters the blocked follicle and multiply, it causes inflammation that creates the pimple. Pimples are usually filed with pus which is produced when your body tries to fight the bacteria.

2. What are blackheads and what is Acne?
Blackheads are blockages of serum in hair follicles that have turned dark because of exposure to the oxygen in the air. If Bacteria builds up under one of these blackheads, they cause a pimple. Acne is if you have several blackheads and pimples. Acne usually forms on the face, but can also occur on the arms, chest, back, neck, thighs and your ass. Acne usually clears up in your late teens or early 20's.

3. How do I get rid of My Pimples/Acne?
Whatever you do, don't pick your pimples. It can irritate the skin and make the acne worse. It can also cause scarring. However, although you should keep your skin clean, don't overdo it. Too much cleanser, scraping, and scrubbing can irritate the skin and make the acne worse, only wash the skin once or twice a day. Drug stores have many products for dealing with Acne, ask your doctor to recommend one. She/he will likely suggest a product containing Benzyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid. (But using both at the same time can irritate your skin). If after a few weeks your acne hasn't improved, your doctor may prescribe some clinical strength acne medication, antibiotics or direct you to a dermatologist. (Skin doctor)

4. Other Skin Conditions:
Warts - Lumps with a rough surface that is caused by different kinds of infections or viruses.

Psoriasis - Patches of thick, raised skin that are pink or red and covered with silver white scales. Occasionally causes itchiness and soreness.

Moles - Round or oval spots on the skin that are usually dark brown. Some are flat and some are raised. But if your mole is now an irregular shape instead of being round like before or is bleeding, CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY. Moles are often linked with skin cancer and Melanoma.

Eczema - Red, itchy patches on the skin that sometimes join together. The skin can become dry and lighter in colour than the surrounding skin, and after scratching too much, may look like leather.


Section 3: Hair, Pubic Hair, Shaving

1. What is Pubic Hair?
Pubic Hair is hair that grows in the genital area. (Penis area) When you first start to see Pubic hairs, they will be soft and straight. And as you get older, it will get coarser, curlier and darker. The First Pubic Hairs will be at the base of the penis. And as you get older, the hair will spread over the pubic bone and onto the upper thighs and onto the scrotum. The Five Stages of Pubic Hair Growth:
1. You Do not see any pubic hair Growth
2. You Begin to see a few white hairs, which are straight.
3. Your Pubic hair becomes curlier and darker
4. The hair grows over the Pubic bone and becomes coarser and thicker
5. Your pubic hair gets darker and spreads to the upper inner thighs

2. When will I start to grow pubic hair?
You will most likely grow pubic hair between the ages or 9-14. And will happen shortly after you start puberty.

3. When will I first start to notice Facial hair?
You will probably start noticing it at age 12(peach fuzz) and it will be in the corners on the mouth on the upper lip. At first these hairs will be soft and white, but over time these hairs will darken and get coarser. If you let it grow, you will have a moustache.

Next, you will notice hairs growing out of your cheeks and down from your side burn area. You may also have some hairs growing out of your bottom lip. The last hairs to grow will be the chin hairs. If you let it grow in fully, you'll have a beard. However, not all boys will be able to grow a full beard. How much depends on(to a degree) heredity. You can expect to have done growing facial hairs in your early to mid 20's.

4. How do I shave?
Most Boys decide to shave their facial hair. You won't need to every day at first. There are 2 basic types of razors: Disposable and electric. Electric razors are less likely to cause cuts, but they don't shave as closely as those with blades. There are 2 types of disposable razors. One type is used a few times and then it is thrown away. The other more expensive type has a razor head that you change but keep the handle. You'll notice that razors have different numbers of blades. A good choice is one that has triple blades or quintuple blades (5 blades, like the Gillette Fusion) that allows you to get a close shave. When shaving it can be easy to cut yourself and it isn't recommended that you shave your pubic hair because of the itchiness that may occur. Trimming is a better alternative. It is also recommended to use shaving gel/cream/foam when shaving facial hair to avoid irritation to skin.

5. When will I start to grow chest hair?
Chest hair tends to develop much later in puberty. It is quite unusual for any young teenagers (13, 14, so on) to have any chest hair. Chest Hair is determined largely by heredity. If your father has very little chest hair there is a good chance so will you.

Section 4: Your Penis, Ejaculation, Masturbation

1. What are the Testicles and penis?
The Testicles (your balls) produce testosterone and sperm cells. When a sperm cell fertilizes an egg cell you get pregnancy. They are suspended in the scrotum (ball sack) by spermatic cords. To produce sperm the testes must be in a colder environment than the body temperature, so they hang outside your body. When it’s warm out, you testes hang lower than when they are cold, in which case the pull themselves toward the body to keep warm.

The Penis is a male sex organ; it is made of soft, spongy tissue that is full of blood vessels. The end of the penis that is larger and wider than the rest or the penis is known as the head, the rest is known as the shaft.

2. What is ejaculation?
Ejaculation (cuming) is the process which thick, sticky, white or clear liquid called semen leaves the body through the penis. You ejaculate by having an orgasm, or when you are asleep, it’s called a wet dream. To ejaculate, strong muscle contractions and a rush or hormones causes the body to push the semen through the penis. You may ejaculate more if you haven’t masturbated in a while, or less if you have recently.

3. My Penis curves to one side, is it normal?
It’s normal to have a penis that curves in a certain direction; in fact there are few truly straight penises. DO NOT try to bend your penis back as it may be dangerous to your penis.

4. What are erections? Why do I get Erections?
An erection (boner, hard on, etc.) is when the penis is hard and long. When you get an erection blood rushes to the penis, filling the blood vessels and the spongy tissue.

You get erections because of any of these listed:
  • Your penis is touched or rubbed.
  • You're excited.
  • You're Nervous.
  • You're feeling sexual.
  • Hormones can sometimes make you have erections for no reason at any time. Especially in the beginning of puberty.
Causes of Morning Erections
It is a common myth that morning erections are caused by a full bladder. This is untrue. While the reason for morning erections is unknown, we do know that the erections are closely associated with REM sleep (the time in the night when you dream and brain activity changes). These erections are also associated with an increase in heart rate. It isn’t known for sure if the erections are a result of the other physiological changes, more research is required. One guess is that these erections are the bodies way of making sure everything is in good working order.

5. How will my Penis and Testicles change during puberty?
Your testicles will grow as a first sign of puberty. This moves you to roughly stage 2 of puberty. This is also the time when you are about to start your growth spurt. During stages 3 and 4 the testicles and scrotum will continue to grow. The penis gets slightly longer but not much wider during stage 3. (Most boys reach stage 3 during ages 11-14.) The penis gets wider as well as longer during stage 4. (Most boys reach stage 4 around ages 13-15, while others don’t reach it until they are 17.)
Stage 4 is also the time when height increases the fastest.
In stage 5, your body will finish developing and you will reach your adult size. Many boys reach this at age 16-17 while others don’t until they are in their early 20’s.

6. I worry that my penis is too small. How do I know what is normal?
Well lots of boys worry about the size of their penis sizes. But remember it’s good as long as it works. Penises vary widely from boy to boy, and if you are in an earlier stage of puberty it will likely be smaller than if you were at the end of puberty.

7. How do I know if I am circumcised? And what is circumcision?
All boys are born with a fold of skin that covers the head of the penis. This skin is called the foreskin. When you are born, your parents may ask the doctor to circumcise you. It is normal to be circumcised or uncircumcised.

8. The skin on my penis won't pull back. How can I pull my foreskin back?
You can do the following to stretch your foreskin so it comes back more easily:
1. Pull back your foreskin all the way for 5 minutes
2. Jack off
3. Repeat once a day for a month
You should see improvement after only a few weeks. But remember, DON’T, ever, under any circumstances should you ever pull your foreskin back completely so far that it rips. It will be a pain the likes of which you have never felt and will never feel again.

9. I have white spots on my scrotum/penis shaft. Do I have an STD?

Originally Posted by Maverick
Nope. The ones on your scrotum (ball sac) are probably hair follicles, and hair will probably grow out of them in a few months/years. The ones on your penis could also be hair follicles, but some could be Fordyce's spots. Fordyce's spots are basically little patches of fat in the skin. They're completely normal and almost every guy has them. Don't pop them - just let them be. If you really want to get rid of them, there's an expensive laser treatment you could do, but doctors advise against any treatment.

There's also a possibility you could have a pimple down there if it becomes inflamed. Just pop it, clean it off and go about your day.
If you have warts down there, you probably need to go see a doc as you could have an STI/STD.
10. I felt something soft and bumpy in my scrotum. What is it?
You should see a doc if you feel something unusual about your scrotum. It could be something like a Varicocele, a harmless condition in which the veins in the ball sack swell and stretch. Varicoceles usually feel like a sack of worms in your ball sack. Varicoceles occur in roughly 15% of teenagers.

11. When will I ejaculate for the first time?
Boys ejaculate for the first time when their bodies have matured enough to produce sperm. Boys usually first have the ability to ejaculate between ages 11-15 and coincides with the many other physical changes associated with puberty. It is a myth that you need to have a wet dream (ejaculating in your sleep) to be able to ejaculate. Some boys first ejaculate with a wet dream, while others do it through masturbation.

12. What is masturbation and how do you do it?
Well simply put, masturbation is the act of fondling your genitals for pleasure. We can't go over masturbation techniques on this site, but is an excellent site for information.

13. Are there any risks from masturbation? Is it possible to masturbate too much? Are there any benefits of masturbation?
To the first 2 questions, the answer is an absolute NO. The only time masturbation is a problem is when it interferes with your life (i.e. not doing homework, not going out with friends). Other than that, you can masturbate as much as you want to. The health benefits from masturbation are:
It can help prevent prostate cancer later in life.
It's a great stress reliever.
It can help you sleep when suffering from insomnia.
It can help relieve the pain of "Blue Balls". (See Number 14 Below)

14. I hear some people talking about "Blue Balls". What are they?
Blue Balls is a slang term for the pain that you might feel in your testicles when you have an erection for a long period of time without ejaculating. The feeling is temporary, however, and the pain will dissipate by itself if you wait a little while. You can also masturbate to relieve the feeling quicker.

15. What do I do when I get an embarrassing erection such as one in class?
An erection is very obvious to you, but that doesn't mean it's noticeable to anyone else. Some boys wear long shirts to cover their genital area to hide these unexpected erections. Other boys use magazines or books to hide these erections. Also, thinking about something else can help to remove those erections.

16. Why do I need to worry about testicular cancer? I'm only a teenager?Testicular cancer is one of the most common cancers in males between ages of 15 and 35. This is why you need to know about it so early and check yourself regularly; especially after you turn 15. Check your testes about once every month so you can become familiar with their look and you can easily feel anything new or unusual.
The best time to do a testicular self-exam is during a shower or after a warm bath. Here's how:
1. Using both hands, place your thumbs on top of one of your testicles and put your index and middle fingers underneath the testicle.
2. Roll the testicle gently between your thumb and fingers for about 30-60 seconds to feel the entire surface of the testicle.
3. Feel the surface for any lumps or swelling.
4. Repeat the above steps with the other testicle.
5. Stand in front of a mirror and check your testicles and scrotum for any swelling or to see if one testicle is bigger than the other. (However, it's normal for one testicle to be slightly bigger than the other).
6. If you notice any lumps or swelling in your testicles, consult your doctor immediately.

17. Myths about masturbation
Once again, has all the information you need.

Section 5: Links

These are some excellent puberty/masturbation links: - VT's Sister Site.


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