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Old September 15th, 2018, 08:30 PM   #1
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Name: Jericho
Join Date: July 4, 2016
Location: Perth, Australia
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Default Going to gym

Been thinking of going to gym but i'm kinda shy to do so (I've never done it by myself). Any tips for a first time gym goer?

16, Filipino guy living in Australia, Feel free to PM
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Old September 15th, 2018, 11:08 PM   #2
Sailor Mars
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Join Date: August 26, 2015
Location: NYC
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Default Re: Going to gym

I would say definitely take it slow. No one is gonna judge you or make fun of you for going to the gym, so don’t feel shy or embarrassed. Look up a routine and figure out what exactly your goals will be in terms of fitness. Do you want to lose weight? Gain weight? Get big? Aesthetics? Strength? What exactly are your fitness goals? I’d say figure that out, find a routine that fits you online, and start off light.

Also, be sure to stay hydrated and have a good meal and good nights rest beforehand. If you’re lifting and can’t finish a set, or feel the weight is too heavy, don’t feel ashamed to have to bring it down and go lighter. No one starts out benching or squatting hundreds of pounds, or running a mile in 7 minutes! Remember this and you’ll be fine.

Also! Don’t be afraid to ask for help or tips from someone that looks more experienced, but always be cautious when taking advice. Some people get a bit egotistical when talking about their gains, and others have poor technique that makes them look like their lifting a lot when they actually aren’t.

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Old September 18th, 2018, 08:24 PM   #3
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Join Date: November 25, 2013
Gender: Male
Default Re: Going to gym

Idk why you are shy tbh. Have you ever lifted in gym at school? If so, it's not much different imo. The only thing I would be shy or intimidated with is asking a stranger to sot me when using heavy free weights. However at most gyms they have machines as well as free weights so I would just use that instead. One gym I went to with a couple friends there was some weird body builder who would always say to us "you're doing that a little wrong, I can show you, or you can tell me to fuck off" We always told him to fuck off, but not mean like that lol. Just go and do your work. If you meet nice people even better, but tbh I never speak to anybody at my gym unless I am in the basketball court or pool.
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Old September 25th, 2018, 11:19 PM   #4
Join Date: August 15, 2016
Location: West Coast, US
Gender: Male
Default Re: Going to gym

I go on my own often and it was awkward at first, but probably only for me because nobody else seemed to care or notice anything. I had never lifted before, but I just gauged the weights and other equipment to see what I could do or not, or how much weight I could tentatively lift to start (i.e. dumbbells). Perhaps one of the most important things is to learn by watching other people workout - see what types of exercises they do, how they use the equipment and then just try to do the same (but probably with lower weights of course to start).

I hear it's way nicer to go to the gym with a friend but unfortunately I've never had that experience, so maybe one day I will. But another option if you don't want to go alone is try to get a friend to go with you, and together the both of you can figure it out.
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Old December 10th, 2018, 02:29 PM   #5
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Name: Arthur
Join Date: December 9, 2018
Location: Ireland
Gender: Male
Default Re: Going to gym

Ease yourself into it and I'd suggest going with a friend
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Old December 10th, 2018, 03:11 PM   #6
VT Lover
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Name: Andy
Join Date: August 23, 2013
Location: Pennsylvania USA
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Default Re: Going to gym

Y don't u ask a buddy to go with u.
At least u will have someone u know
til u get used to it.
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Old December 12th, 2018, 11:12 PM   #7
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Name: Nathan
Join Date: October 25, 2015
Location: Kentucky
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Default Re: Going to gym

I would go with a friend and work out with him. You would be with someone you know and I also suggest easing into it. Don't try to lift anything too heavy that could hurt you

PM me anytime for a chat

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Old December 18th, 2018, 12:36 PM   #8
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Name: Mick
Join Date: December 20, 2016
Location: Maryland
Gender: Male
Default Re: Going to gym

I go to the gym pretty often and see people of all skill and experience levels. I would never criticize or look down at anybody. Anyone there that is trying to improve their health deserves a lot of credit. So if you go, you should go with that attitude.
Also, you can do a lot of online research prior to going to educate yourself on weight lifting some.
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Old December 18th, 2018, 12:41 PM   #9
New Member
Name: Jeremy
Join Date: December 18, 2018
Location: LA
Gender: Undisclosed
Default Re: Going to gym

to lazy to go to the gym
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