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Old October 11th, 2012, 11:37 PM   #1
New Member
Name: Elisha
Join Date: October 8, 2012
Location: South Carolina, USA
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Default Bipolar and friends?

I was diagnosed with Bipolar II a little over a year ago. I will have to say, now that my meds have been adjusted about a gazillion times, I can finally tell they're helping. And my friends have noticed, too. They've been thinking I'm just doing a lot better, which I am aside from BP, but I know having a little more control over my mood is helping, and I know that's what they've noticed.

Basically, I don't know how to tell them. They all know about my past, which is such a mess. They know I used to cut and all. So I feel like this wouldn't really surprise them. But maybe it would. They know I've changed and I think they'll find out eventually. I guess I want to be the one to tell them instead of them just finding out. But how do you do that?? I mean, should I be like, "hey guys guess what??? I'm Bipolar!!" No. That's weird.

Ugh, I'm over thinking this. Did any of you tell your friends about your bipolar? Or do they not even know..
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Old October 11th, 2012, 11:55 PM   #2
West Coast Sheriff
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Name: F.
Join Date: July 17, 2012
Location: Southern California
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Default Re: Bipolar and friends?

I propably wouldn't bring it up if I were you. But if you truly wanted to I think you should doit casually and try to not make a big deal of it.

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Old October 12th, 2012, 09:34 PM   #3
New Member
Name: Elisha
Join Date: October 8, 2012
Location: South Carolina, USA
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Default Re: Bipolar and friends?

I was definitely over thinking things last night lol. I probably won't tell them, it would be awkward. And if they find out, well, lucky them! And I'm sure they will. i just didn't know if anyone had ever told a friend about it.
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Old October 14th, 2012, 02:18 PM   #4
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Name: Lexie
Join Date: August 28, 2012
Location: United Kingdom
Gender: Female
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Default Re: Bipolar and friends?

It was incredibly hard for me to tell because I've had so many problems with trusting people in the past, I'm generally not good at judging people, have high expectations, etc, blah, blah, blah... but do be careful who you tell, make sure they are your true friends. I've had one friend that completely changed the way they acted with me, with another friend nothing changed and with another they totally turned against me and told everyone and convinced them it was something terrible and that I needed to be kept away from etc. But with one friend, it made it so much easier, and our friendship so much stronger. You know your friends and you need to make the judgement but just be careful because it hurt me so much.

Whatever or however you choose to say- there's no pressure so make sure you feel 100% comfortable. How you tell them depends on what they're like- with one friend i mentioned it in passing conversation, with other I called them over and sat down to talk to them especially. it depends on the friend and how you feel.

best of luck and thoughts are with you, if u need any help, i've been there, done that and speak 2 me if u need anything.. x

You gotta stand for something or you'll fall for anything <3

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Old March 1st, 2013, 11:00 AM   #5
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Join Date: March 1, 2013
Gender: Undisclosed
Default Re: Bipolar and friends?

I know it's really awkward to just go right ahead and- throw it out there! But I think it's really important to have their support. So if they know, they can understand and just - be there if you need them. But if that's not a concern for you, just let it be and see what happens. Maybe you'll end up telling them when it's not so overwhelming. I'd personally try to just tell them casually and not build it up too much so it's not too awkward. Good luck!
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Old March 8th, 2013, 02:28 AM   #6
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Name: Derri
Join Date: April 2, 2011
Location: Scotland
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Blog Entries: 7
Default Re: Bipolar and friends?

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