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Old May 19th, 2010, 11:32 AM   #1
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Unhappy 5 Years Of Voices.

so i am going to try and cut a long story really short,
but first of all just because im posting this in the schizophrenia area im not at all saying i have it or anything as of course i wouldnt come to this conclusion by myself without a real proffesional doctor saying so,

when i was 12 i mildly heard voices, started self harming at 12 also, of course the voices increased and increased through the years, at 14 i did see a councillor but i couldn't explain myself well at all then so it was all very difficult,
so there is two male voices, there was a old women but not so much anymore, anyway orginally there aim was always just to get me to die, to kill myself but then it seemed they just liked to give me horrible ideas of things to do, some of these ideas are things like

--- I removed list as i thought it could be triggering and give people ideas which could be very dangerous.------

and other things and some things to do with harm to my fish, i dont know if im aloud to post that list actually, if not please let me know and i will remove it and lets just say they have some horrible ideas of ways to harm me or others,

so there is those who speak directly to me, and then there are two women who speak not to me but among themselves like as though i am listening into their convosation and i dont know they are there,

and then there is just voices where when sometimes i am just walking down the street or sitting at the train station, i will hear a stranger shout and proper shout loud something like ' don't die.' or ' help me.' or even my name are some examples of course i look at them and then relise they haven't said anything at all, i find this really confusing but yes.

so yes but there are many more things of course over 5 years but would take me to long but the problem is , im starting to feel like i am liar, i rarely ever lie so its not that i know i lie often to think this, and i generally reallllyy dislike it when people lie, and i don't know why i feel this way, and then iwill hear a voice and be like oh see im not lying like to myself, its very confusing, but so that is something like ontop of all the other stuff that is really getting me down and making me feel confused, does anybody know why this may be?

a reply would be lovely thankyou, also some of you may respond by saying i should go to the doctors, or make an appointment with the doctor, but well if im honest i can't decide about it, i can't decide which i find worse, i think both living with it and going to the doctors and living with it are both not good, so hmm :/

also appologise if theres anything i put which i shouldnt have put, actually i will take the list out now, i dont think its appropriate and i think it could be triggering sorry.

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Old May 20th, 2010, 09:08 PM   #2
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Default Re: 5 Years Of Voices.

I suggest getting yourself to your GP. I'm not sure how hard that is for you, but I would recommend doing it sooner rather than later.

If you ever need to talk, you can PM me. I can't promise I'll solve your problem but I'll do my best to help.
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