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Name: Cedrick
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Default Cooking Raw Meat

I'm always extremely nervous about cooking raw meat. I feel like I'm going to poison everyone I'm cooking for.

Can you use the same spatula as the meat is cooking despite the fact that your spatula has raw meat on it from when it started cooking? What if you put your spatula down on the counter for a second?

Do I have to wash my hands really well every time I touch something related to raw meat?

I feel like I have to sanitize myself and my kitchen several times during and after cooking. And I'm not a germophobe. Clearly I'm overdoing it but Idk where to draw the line.

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Old January 4th, 2018, 12:56 PM   #2
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Name: Val
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Default Re: Cooking Raw Meat

So the technicality of it is if you're cooking a piece of chicken, I would recommend cleaning your spatula before using that same spatula to touch your cooked chicken. If you're grilling or something and you're keeping your spatula over the flame on the grill the whole time, that's a slightly different story, because you're cooking whatever is on your spatula. In terms of while you're still cooking your product, it's fine, because say you use tongs on a raw piece of meat to put it in the pan, you can use those tongs to flip the par cooked meat, because you're still cooking the meat, so any "undercooked meat" that touched the meat is going to get cooked while your meat cooks the rest of the way. It's more about ready to eat foods vs not ready to eat foods. It's like your cutting board. If you're dicing raw chicken, get rid of it before you dice your vegetables.

When cooking, I recommend having a paper towel or some sort of plate or rest for said spoon to avoid that contact with the counter. It's proper sanitation to clean the counters before and after (and during if you so choose, though for home cooking that's not as big of a deal) you cook, but if you notice that your raw juices touched the counter or something, it never hurts to give your counter a wipey wipe.

You should always wash your hands when you touch something raw. I won't bore everyone here, but there are bacteria that cause food born illnesses (aka food poisoning) in them, and that's why restaurants always have that blurb about consuming raw or undercooked meat. The odds of it actually harming you are low, in terms of beef and whatnot, but chicken and fish are a lot more dangerous if consumed/contaminated raw, but it's important to realize what you're dealing with. The fish you buy at the grocery store isn't the same fish that Japanese places use when they serve you sashimi or something.

So I don't think you're overdoing it, but maybe that's just the professional in me. I'm more than happy to answer any other questions if you have any!

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Sailor Mars
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Default Re: Cooking Raw Meat

No, I get extremely iffy when cooking raw meat too, especially chicken. I always clean the cutting board and never use the same knives or utensils in fear of cross contamination. I would always recommend washing your hands before and after handling raw meat, along with sanitizing counter tops and thoroughly cleaning utensils.

Like Val said tho that’s the professionalism in me speaking I handle food at work and I go through like 10 pairs of disposable gloves an hour and constantly wash my hands

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