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Exclamation Cat bite infection

(I can't see the image though it says it is attached, please let me know if you can see it though)

Hey everyone, so my cat Roxy came back home on Saturday when i was stroking her and saw some white stuff on her head and it wreaked, so i thought it was maybe fox poo, cleaned it off and sent her on her way, well she came back not long after and there was far more of it this time and the smell was much worse, like rotting flesh, so i looked at it and saw she had a deep wound on her head and that was pus spilling out, i noticed any time she moved her head pus would pour out like a waterfall so i was cleaning it with salt water and we had to book a vet visit for Monday as that's the soonest they could see us

Well she came back home this morning, Sunday, she could barely open her right eye and that side of her face looked like it doubled in width due to how swollen it had gotten with pus, so needing to do an emergency fix i yet again grabbed some warm salt water solution, got some flannels then preceeded to just sit there and squeeze pus out for as long as i can before it was visibly hurting Roxy, well i noticed that pus has spread so far that i was squeezing from under her cheek and it was still coming out

If you look at those photos from the top left and down 3 was it on Saturday, then if you look at the top right and go down 2 that was Saturday night, then the two under that was today/Sunday morning, then the bottom left and right two was before and after i squeezed it, as you can see it's definitely been showing improvements as i go along, especially after i squeezed a lot of the pus out

And just some more details, this has got this bad as, and i have photo evidence to prove this, but she literally had no marks on her at all the day before, literally nothing, no smells, there was nothing to show this has happened, and from what others have said and reading up online, this was caused by a cat biting her in a fight, it punctured the skin, sealed up fast but sealed all the germs in there, then this happens

But if anyone knows of anything else i can do to help, please let me know, i am panicing so bad about all the flesh this seemingly seems to be eating at and how far the pus is spreading, i am keeping ontop of disinfecting it with warm salt water then draining as much pus as i can out, i am not giving her medication as like i said, she has a vet appointment for tomorrow and i don't want any medication to conflict with each other
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Default Re: Cat bite infection

How did it work out? I saw you had a vet appointment.
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Default Re: Cat bite infection

Please don't bump threads older than 2 months.

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