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Old December 26th, 2017, 09:49 PM   #21
Name: Jill
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Location: United States
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Default Re: Being in to cars "Not Feminine" WTF??

Biggest question: Why are 100% of those who hate on me for this girls???
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Old January 5th, 2018, 04:00 PM   #22
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Default Re: Being in to cars "Not Feminine" WTF??

Originally Posted by Jilly View Post
Thanks everyone! I was thinking of giving up and unsigning myself from car classes, because I thought it would be unattractive.

The thing I still don't get is basically 90% of comments from boys say "That's awesome" but all the negative comments are from girls. It seems like girls should be the ones to be 100% for liberation of what a female can/can't do.

I want to make the point that I am no mechanic and I am not good with cars. I just try and I want to be good with them.

To me, they are a symbol of empowerment. We can go faster in a car than without a car. We can go further in a car than without a car. Just cruisin' seems like a lot of fun. Cruisin a city, at night, in summer, when it's warm... you and your car... total freedom.

Whatever, though. Not your thing? Cool. That's fine. But why you gotta rip on mine? I'm still a girl. I am still (I hope) attractive. How on earth could it make me less attractive to be a car girl? Dunno. Some people say so. Mostly other girls.

OH.... I should mention... I GOT MY PERMIT! Not my license. Not yet. I still need practice. But I got my permit. I can drive now! I have! My dad looked like he was going to die in the passenger seat, but whatever. I still drove! (Sorry dad. Yes, I know. first time is scary.)

Great choice, and enjoy the permit! It's quite fun. Especially when you start getting good at it and experiment with pushing the limits of car control haha, all in a safe environment of course.
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