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Old October 29th, 2016, 09:21 PM   #1
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Default Anyone?

Anyone else have things that really bother them and they want to talk to somebody about it but can't? I have things that I really need to say, things that people can probably help me with. But there is something that stops me right before I say it. Like I can be in the middle of a sentence and I completely freeze up. It feels as though something is physically preventing me from talking, or like someone is putting their hand over my mouth. Often times these situations put me into a kind of depressed state and it is really hard for me to go through. This happens multiple times a day. It can be the absolute perfect time to tell somebody for something or ask for help, when nobody else is around, but I just can't open my mouth and speak.
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Old October 30th, 2016, 06:32 PM   #2
Just JT
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Name: JT
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Default Re: Anyone?

Have you tried to just write what you want to say?
Just write it out, but don't think about showing it to anyone.
Just write it out to help organize your words, put it away, then go back a little later take a look at it and see if you need to make any changes

By the time your done writting it out, you'll know all the right words you'll wana say, you just haven't SAID them yet.

It's a start

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Old November 5th, 2016, 07:40 PM   #3
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Name: Winona Sylvie
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Default Re: Anyone?

That's happened to me once or twice before. It's like your throat closes up and you just can't speak. You're definitely not alone with this problem, though. Freezing up is usually a reaction to discomfort or anxiety with something; in your case, it could be that you're uncomfortable with the subject at hand. Like the post above me, I think you should try writing what you want to say down. Maybe on a little post-it note or something. Then, when the time comes to tell, you can try your best to remember to say what's on the note. If it's still really hard, just pull that note from your pocket and read it. It might seem weird, but I've done it myself and it really helps.

Or, you could try to reserve a time to write out a note or letter about the situation and hand it to whoever you'd like to talk to. Once they read it, then you can carry on the conversation more easily during one of those good times to talk.

I've tried both of these and they worked equally well. Give one a shot for a start. Good luck!
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Old November 18th, 2016, 10:08 AM   #4
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Name: Emily
Join Date: November 9, 2016
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Default Re: Anyone?

Me too. I feel the same way. Its just so hard to speak out whats on my mind. Even when I was mad at my friends I couldnt just tell them. so If I have to say something I have to send them a long text. I'm really bad in confrontations. I just try to release my frustration by writing
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Old November 18th, 2016, 07:42 PM   #5
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Name: Annie
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Default Re: Anyone?

I know this feeling too. Writing things down is a good idea.
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Old November 28th, 2016, 01:24 AM   #6
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Name: Ben
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Default Re: Anyone?

Yes writing it down is probably the best idea. Many times we may clamp up because we become afraid of what others might think of us when we tell them what we are faced with. Afraid that they might laugh at us or even feel ashamed that we are facing these issues. Writing can be quite cathartic too.

We are all slaves in this new age.
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