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Old September 21st, 2015, 10:33 AM   #1
Name: Alex
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Default Is it ok for me to flag up Dyslexia?

When i was in primary school and was flagged up for having Literary Dyslexia, where my spelling age was a lot worse then my reading and comprehension age, which was the highest i could achieve. With this in mind, i was supported through primary school and when i moved up into high school i was assured the support would continue.

However, when someone came to me in year 7 to ask me if to go to reading lessons, i said i didn't need reading lessons (Literacy has always been my problem), and nothing more came of it. At all. I was never asked to go to Literacy support groups and it appeared they wiped the system clean of any reference to me having Dyslexia.

6 years and an A*, A, A, A, B, B, B on i was given one of the few people in my school offered a scholarship for doing well. However after the government reviewed my books, they declined my Scholarship based on how bad my spelling and handwriting is. I complained, saying i was Dyslexic and that is a silly reason to decline me. The school however has wiped the slate clean on any and all references to me being Dyslexic, and i had to go to primary school to fish up my old evidence. So the school has scheduled some tests to prove i am Dyslexic, however after speaking with the support worker she said if i preform at my own spelling age or higher, i can get no support, even though i have the reading and comprehension skills are on a different level.

So my big moral dilemma is, should i purposely flag up the difference between my reading and spelling during the test? I am a naturally smart person, and my spelling is about right for my age i feel, maybe a little less, but if i preform like this i cannot benefit from the help which i desperately need (I am taking A level Literature, Biology and Chemistry, lots of writing and big words) simply because i am a ''smart'' Dyslexic and that doesn't fit into their schemes. But purposely flunking a spelling test seems wrong as well, however it would grant me 20% extra time in exams AND 750 from the Scholarship i would get if i get proof i am Dylexic.

Sorry for being so wordy, but the context of the situation is important, if i just said ''Should i cheat on my Dyslexia test for benefits'' doesn't really capture the situation in my mind.

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Default Re: Is it ok for me to flag up Dyslexia?

You should bring it up and you should have paper work from Dr to say your are. I have support in primary school then secondary school to year 10 when my dick of a head teacher took it way. So I did my gcse as normal time and no reader even know I had a reader in primary. I did quite bad on some of my gcse. I the went to college and they have me support back. I then did a test or 2 so I found out I was untitled to 20% exact time and a reader !! Fuck you head teacher. If you are a lowed the 20% get it. And with the scholarship thing tell them that you are dyslexic. If they don't change your mind have your parents or who's in charge of you threaten legal action as it's discrimination.

I have speech apraxia so does my twin. It Is rather similar to dyspepsia.
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