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Name: Jade/jordan
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Question whats a mental hospital like?

so i have this freind that has allot of isusses and where realy close and all i talk to her and she talks to me i dont think shes crazy in fact we share allot of the same problems she has lots of differnt mental problems wich i wont mention all of them because its her bussines and that would be rude but shes been in a mental hospital before for self harm mainly but now shes vouluntarly going back today i ask her why she wanted to go she said that it was kinda nice and that it helped her i dont realy understand this to well what is a mental hospital like i mean i know its a place to get away from ur problems but isnt it scary

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Default Re: whats a mental hospital like?

It is very much like any hospital. There are doctors & nurses. But a psychiatric hospital also has counselors & therapists- they provide services that aim to let you talk, in a confidential manner, about the feelings that brought you there. They try to help you work through the crisis that you are facing, and keep you safe while you share your trauma.

Psychiatric hospitals are not filled with mentally hysterical people, like you see in movies. These hospital's patients are just like you & me: normal people that may be experiencing a crises that is overwhelming.

It is a very difficult decision about being admitted to one of these hospitals. The social stigma about accepting mental health assistance has largely diminished.

The best thing you can do (IMO) is to go visit with the hospital staff. They will do an assessment with a properly trained counselor. help you pick some goals for a happier life, and then they work with you to help you reach those goals.

I have spent some time in a psychiatric hospital (in USA), & for me, it was very beneficial. I was in for 4 days. This allowed the staff to help me with my problems, were able to get my medication dose at the best level for me, and most of all, being in that hospital keep me safe. I was having some pretty specific ideas about suicide, & the hospital staff observed me & supported me. I was able to get on some medications that helped me stabilize,. My life is so much better for finally agreeing to go.

BUT, the hospital & medications won.t make every day 'sunshine'. There will always be a few sad days, but you will have a mental health team available to help get you through those rough days.

take care of yourself, please
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