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Default Do you have OCD? Answers from another obsessive-compulsive

Do you have OCD?
Some common supposed "OCD" symptoms and reasons why it could be OCD, and why it might NOT be OCD.

It's up to my other two mods as to whether this gets stickied. Honestly, I'm just writing this to get it out of my head, not with getting it stickied in mind. I didn't see any stickies with quite the exact point I wanted to make, so I went ahead with this.

Quite honestly, being diagnosed OCD, I get a bit bothered by how many "do I have OCD?" posts. Some, the person obviously has some issues to work out that could be related to OCD. Some are obviously not OCD. While I am perfectly happy to help out people if they're confused over OCD, I wanted to cover a few things. In this post, I have listed some common supposed symptoms of OCD, and reasoning why it could be OCD, but also sort of debunking it, giving alternatives or reasons why I wouldn't consider you OCD right away.

  • I like things to be organized/I like to keep things neat and tidy/I like to have my pencils and other things straight and in order.
    Why you might have OCD: With OCD, we pretty much like things in our way, the main reasons being to have control, and usually the belief that something bad will happen if the procedure isn't carried out. Often, someone with OCD will have something, their rooms, their CD collections, their wardrobes, organized in some way that makes sense to them.
    Why you might NOT have OCD: OCD has become a common adjective to use with anyone who likes order, or is bothered by a pencil not being straight. However, there are people who have "neat freak" personalities who are NOT OCD. Being OCD does NOT mean that the person is a neat freak either. For instance, I can be lazy as hell and leave a mess alone, but this mess is still an "ordered mess," meaning I am most comfortable with this arrangement and it gives me a sense of contentment. Cleaning does give me the same feeling, but I have to be the one to put everything away. Keeping a tidy environment definitely does not mean you are OCD, though it can be a symptom.
  • I'm a germaphobe/I wash my hands constantly.
    Why you might have OCD: It is a common symptom, honestly. Hand-washing can be very compulsive, to the point where the person does so often enough to leave their hands raw and tender. I don't experience this as much, but I do use hand sanitizer very compulsively and religiously.
    Why you might NOT have OCD: The word germaphobe in itself suggest a separate thing. Again, you can be a germaphobe and not be OCD. I'm not a germaphobe either. I do partake highly in cleanliness and ritualistic hygiene however.
  • I often worry that I left the stove on/I have to double check the doors to make sure they're locked/I worry about things.
    Why you might have OCD:These little worries can often be obsessions and/or compulsions. I go for a walk every evening, and more often than not I'm shaking and worried sick that I left the front door open or the wind is strong enough to open it by itself, and that my dear house cats have gotten out. 100% of the time, however, I come home to a firmly shut door and two kitties fast asleep upstairs.
    Why you might NOT have OCD: Again, it's another personality trait to be a "worry wart." My mum is the same way, often she even forgets altogether that she locked the door and will go back to check. But she's the furthest thing from OCD. It's quite normal actually to double guess yourself about security measures like leaving the cooker on.
  • I like to count things/I am fond of a specific number and use this number in my daily life, e.g. how many eggs to cook for breakfast, number of ice cubes in a drink, etc.
    Why you might have OCD: Numbers also can be a bit obsession and sometimes compulsion. I have a relative who has down syndrome, but is also OCD. Every time she climbs or descends a staircase, she counts every step, every time. I detest odd numbers for material possessions, and I will not drink from a drink unless it initially had the last digit of my age in ice cubes put in it (for instance, this year it's eight). I seriously will not drink from it. I do settle with four since it's half of eight and therefore makes sense, when I cannot fit eight ice cubes in the cup I'm using. Certain numbers in general can also be obsessions. Five is a huge one for me.
    Why you might NOT have OCD: I... can't really debunk this as much. I guess you could have this sort of obsession without having OCD, but it's a stranger symptom that I'd be a bit more curious with.


Anything else you can come up with to add? I'll gladly add it.

Have your own symptom I can add to the list for debunking? Don't hesitate to bring it up. I've only used the basics that I find, but I can add anything you've experienced.

Feel free to do what you wish with this, Kathy & Georgia. I don't mind if it's stickied or deleted or neither, either way, I got it out of my head

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