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Depends how far "out" you already are, i.e if you turn up at a family house at Christmas with a boyfriend without telling anyone I think it could be a bit of a shock. I think atleast telling your friends is a good idea, to be honest it let me feel alot better about myself, so I could be my normal self without having to pretend i'm this really straight guy anymore, it was a weight off my shoulders to say the least.
But it depends on you, if you feel that that's the best way to deal with it, then go for it, but i'd definately tell close friends
That's just my opinion anyway

18, so been there done that.
Very straight acting Bi guy, so also been there done that

Recovering from a pretty nasty motorbike accident so trying to get all my contacts together again, sorry to those who've messaged me but I haven't replied.
Ask any questions or whatever I check in quite often.
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