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Default Re: Archie Sussex Was Born :-)

Originally Posted by thewilddog View Post
What have they done?? They are perfectly nice people, The Queen is lovely and the uk / ausralia has a prime minister. Royalty these days is mostly a a sort of mascot for your country i guess. If they did try anything theyd be removed almost instantly
True but I don't think monarchy is good and I don't think that any people deserve the privileges of monarchy. Like I said, I think they're a completely inappropriate mascot for my country.

Originally Posted by Adamant View Post
Got no problem with that. Its your choice. I just know I would rather have our royal family and the judges and army officially in her name than in the hands of presidentslike in some so called democratic countries.
If we got rid of her, we'd probably just have a very weak President like the Governor-General is now. And the armies of these countries are basically in the hands of the Prime Minister anyway - they're not going to obey the Queen over the PM.
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