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Default Re: Archie Sussex Was Born :-)

Originally Posted by Adamant View Post
Not sure how many prejudices you can fit into one post.
Don't think the royals do any real harm. Yes, they sure do have priiveleges but its not their fault and Archie hes not been given any royal titles.
Prince Harry also organised the invictus games which i think is good and he wouldn't have been able to do if he hadn't had the royal connections.
A landed monarchy just seems to be the opposite of values I'd like for my country - democracy, equality of opportunity, modernity, etc. I mean it's up to the UK to keep them and they can foot the bill for them, but when the referendum comes here in Australia (probably when Liz 2.0 kicks the bucket) to boot them out of our head of state and off our coins, I'm voting yes.
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