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Default Re: How medicine makes me feel

Originally Posted by Dalcourt View Post
I had my hand smashed in a car accident and needed a lot of surgery on it not long ago.
They gave me a lot of those painkillers and they made me feel really bad. I just stopped taking them and threw them away because I did not like what they did to me I'd rather be in pain than an addict.
I always have the feeling that most doctors are handling the prescription of those meds in a very irresponsible way. They should know how addictive they are. But they don't really explain the risks to the patients and that's how a lot of addictions start.
I agree. I liked the way they made me feel, I loved the high. Thatís the problem. But yeah the docs just say yeah you need them right now is all, and to worry about the rest later. And that is really irresponsible imo. I mean just watch the news. Itís literally an epidemic. Here anyways. Idk about other states. But itís all over the place where I live

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