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Originally Posted by Borxar View Post
First of all, there are perspective issues that are in the wrong place. Imagine the Earth as an ally of God, when sin entered it, it suffered as well and so natural disasters crept in (and scientifically it is due to the change in environment from what it used to be at the beginning) and thus allows for natural disasters to occur. The key component that you are stuck in is the idea that God is the one causing these things to happen. When he isn't. Sometimes it's the result of how the world works. God may have His finger in it, in the positive things that come from the disaster, such as allowing people to be rescued miraculously or some may become closer to Him etc. It's not a case of I'm angry i'm gonna wipe you out like you suggest.
But god is all-powerful, so he should be able to stop hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, nuclear bombs, mass-shooting, birth defects, rape, murder, abuse, etc. etc. etc.
But he chooses to do nothing. He chooses to let innocent people suffer, even new-born babies.
Why should I love or obey a god like that? Does that sound like a loving god to you?


Originally Posted by Living For Love View Post
You didn't answer my question. I'm also trying to avoid using the argument "evil was introduced in the world by men", which although true, I just was trying to approach this situation in a more rational way.
Your question suggests that god made a world in which he was needed. God made an imperfect world where we are doomed to suffer, just so that he could have something to do.
What kind of god would do that?

Originally Posted by Living For Love View Post
Shouldn't that person have a second chance, though? Like, you want to banish them to hell because of one mistake/action? This is akin to death penalty. Also, where do we draw the line. You're in favor of banishing to hell in murder, rape and abuse, but what about stealing, or financial corruption?
Maybe, but I have yet to see one single person be sent to hell or stopped by god from committing atrocities. (Hitler, Pol Pot, Josez Stalin, Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Un, Shooter in Las-Vegas, ISIS, 9/11 terrorists, etc. etc.)

I don't know where to put the line, but god has let millions of people die by the hands of one single person, and he still does nothing to them.
Where does god put the line? Does he have one at all? Why does he let innocent people suffer?

Originally Posted by Living For Love View Post
We're all sinners. To quote Milton Friedman, "Thank God we don't get what we deserve".
So new-born babies are sinners? And they deserve birth defects? Still-births?
What kind of all-loving god would do that?
He could easily stop them both, why doesn't he? Why did he let them happen in the first place?

Originally Posted by Living For Love View Post
Would you be okay if those things happened to adults, or you're just against it if they happen to children?
I'm saying that god doesn't protect the innocent, he lets even new-born babies suffer.
Why does god do this? Why should I love or obey a god who does this?
Does this sound like a fair, kind, or all-loving god?

Originally Posted by Living For Love View Post
What kind of practical evidence would you need from God is order to believe and love him?
He should be able to stop all innocent people from suffering, and show in some clear undeniable way that it was in fact an act of god.
Should be an easy task for an all-powerful god.
Why has he never done it? Why don't we have a single piece of evidence of god doing 'anything' to save innocent people? Why does god do nothing to protect the innocent?

Originally Posted by Living For Love View Post
It's more like "you have chosen not to love and obey me, so now you're on your own".
So what about the new-born babies born with birth defects? Or having Still-births? Why are innocent toddlers and children abused, raped & murdered?
They haven't even gotten the chance to love or obey god yet, and they are already being punished & suffering.
Why does god do this? Does he not care about the innocent? Why would an "all-loving" god think of us as ALL sinners?

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