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Originally Posted by Living For Love View Post
Think about it this way, if humans were perfect and the Earth was 100% safe to live on, would mankind even need God?
Well god made humans and the Earth, so he should gave us nice bodies, and a nice world.
That's what a kind god would do.

Originally Posted by Living For Love View Post
What would you suggest, then? God instantly banishing warmongers, rapists and murderers to hell?
If a person is about to abuse, rape, or murder an innocent child, yes I would like that person sent to hell immediately.
That's what a caring god would do.

Originally Posted by Living For Love View Post
God controlling the mind of humans so that they don't even think about the possibility of waging war, raping and murdering?
He doesn't have to control everyone's mind, we can still have free-thought & free-will.
But as soon as someone makes the conscious decision to commit such an atrocity, that person should go to hell before they even get the chance to do so.
No-one should have to suffer on Earth because of someone else's decision to be an asshole.
That's what a fair god would do.


Originally Posted by PlasmaHam View Post
What makes you think humanity deserves a perfect world? God may be a loving god, but he is also a just god. At first, God gave humanity a perfect world, but through our hubris and sin, we robbed ourselves from it. Humans, are in all respects, pardon my language, bastards. And like a good parent, God does not reward bad behavior by giving us what we want, but instead he punishes us for our transgressions, by allowing suffering among us. God does not like human suffering, but its frankly what we deserve.
So an innocent, sin-free new-born baby deserves punishment in the form of birth defects, or being stillborn?
Innocent, Faithful, God-Devout Children "deserve" to be molested, abused, raped, murdered, or given any number of horrible diseases?
Does god not care about the collateral damage he does to Innocent people?
That doesn't sound like a "just god" to me. I have no reason to love a god who lets this happen.

Originally Posted by PlasmaHam View Post
God does not like human suffering, but its frankly what we deserve.
If god doesn't like human suffering, then he should stop letting innocent people suffer, and punish the "sinners".
That's what a just god would do.


@Stronk Serb

Refer to my response to PlasmaHam.
  1. Innocent children are receiving punishment. (Disease, Defects, Starvation, Rape, Abuse, Murder etc.)

  2. Therefore, I don't think god is not fair or just; (He does not care about innocent people's suffering.)

  3. Therefore, I don't think that god is kind, or loving.
    [In fact, it's like he's choosing at random as to whom he "loves" & who gets "punished".
    (Hitler became a leader. MLK was shot in the head)]

  4. Therefore, I have no reason to love him in the first place.

If god wanted me to love him, he should at least give me a reason to.
All he would have to do is show me he is kind, just, & loving. An easy task for an all-powerful god.
Why should I love or obey a god who lets innocent children suffer?

What you are saying suggests that god is presenting us with an ultimatum: "Everyone on Earth shall love & obey me, or I will make you all suffer."
This sounds like an abusive and cruel god.

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