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Originally Posted by Stronk Serb View Post
To stand in the defence of the Christians, I think God decided to pull out of worldly affairs right about after his chosen people decided to crucify his own son who came to absolve humanity of it's sins. I mean if someone I could help would refuse my help, I would also say okay and not inerfere anymore. Besides, it's humanity's fault that we strayed so far from God's teachings, from eating the forbidden fruit up to now, we were constantly straying.

This comes from a guy raised in a Serbian Orthodox family so it could be different in some regards to Catholic or Protestant teachings.
I respectfully see things slightly different. It is not that God became indifferent when Jesus was crucified for Jesus was the plan from the beginning. I think a lot of the things which happen goes back to us having free will. You have to remember, even in the Old Testament, people used their free will for some pretty evil things. You have to imagine, there were people doing pretty evil things that is not recorded in Scripture. God is still active today. A lot of his "inactivity" (or the appearance of it) I would humbly argue is one, God allowing people to use free will but two, God is trying to give people as many opportunities to turn from their evil ways and get saved and redeemed and forgiven from what they did.

God has certainly given us free will, but God has ultimate control. The events described in Revelation which will take place in the future is quite clear. The Israelite's are still God's Chosen people, we see that throughout Scripture God does not forget about them and has a plan for them.

Anyways that is some of my humble thoughts. I do see where you are coming from. And to be fair, there have been times even in the Bible where God for a time left the Israelite's to sort of stew in the mess they made. Even in those instances, it was never forever, as God made a covenant with His people. When God makes a promise, He keeps it. That is where I am trying to come from.

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