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Default Re: Schizophrenic friend

My suggestion to you is to talk to her. Tell her you want to be there for her. Trust me, she will be more than happy to know someone is there for her. What your friend is going through is very hard. Let her open up to you on her own about it though. If you can tell that something is wrong.. or perhaps she's not acting like herself with any of the above. Try to talk her down. For instance if she is hallucinating... my boyfriend would talk me down when i'm hallucinating... he'd say thigns like... ok they are not really there. how many times have they actually hurt you? how many times have theyactually been there? if she is having memory problems, try rejogging her memory a bit.. don't get frustrated, she' can't help it. if she is disorganized try perhaps helping her. if she is aggitated or depressed just lend an ear on what's wrong, and try to cheer her up. if she is experiencing child like behavior don't get frustrated or annoyed.. jsut be patient, it will pass. with difficulty of speach or thoughts, perhaps try and help her out in the best way that you can, or be patient and wait for her to do so.
if she has a lack of emotion, odn't get frustrated if you've said something and she's emotional when she should be, please i can't emphasize this enough, pateince is a necessity. if she has problems understanding, just try to explan it in a different way. try to visualize the information that you have given so she can better understand it. if she has difficulty paying attention, try taping her on the shoulder. if you touch a person while speaking they will focus better. just like teachers do in a kindergarten class room where they touch the child on the arm so that they will pay attenion. or perhpas if you say their name to regain their focus. With mood swings just be patient and try to help them with each mood. With odd or inapproptriate behavior just be patient with them, they don't mean it.

Now if she is goign to hurt herself or others or is suicidal, truely talk to her to make sure if she is seirous or not. If she is contact her parents or pshycologist or any adult for that matter, so she gets the help she needs.
i hope this helps
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