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Default Re: I know people don't lie to me but I feel like they do

I think people donít see themselves as others perceive them cause weíre used to who we are and how we look. We not see what others see, cause itís just normal to yourself. And thatís a good thing to a point. Nobody like someone who we know views themselves as bueatiful. Thatís viewed as being conceited.

Seeing yourself as normal, that to me is someone who I said balanced and has their head ok. Confident but not over confident. Well rounded. The way we ďshouldĒ be?

But if you see yourself in a negative way then Iíd suggest talkmto someone.

Thing is we all have negative qualities whether itís physical or personality or whatever. And weíll all have good ones to. We just need to look past the not so good ones and focus on the good ones more.

Donít mean we canít have a bad day here and thereís but I donít think your talking about that. Maybe your having a hard time seeing some of the good stuff in you. That might need some help from someone for you to see

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