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Default Re: I know people don't lie to me but I feel like they do

Those are perfect examples of someone living with low self esteem. I suffer from it terribly, destroying my body because I hate it. Counseling will help.

I just recently developed a plan to help me gain self esteem.

I'm going to buy a body mirror and a lamp. I spend 99% of my time in my room so I'm going to put it in there with me. I'm going to look at myself several times throughout the day for about a month until I have a comfortable understanding of how I look to myself. Then I'm going to make different faces in the mirror often I'm going to get an understanding of what I think makes me look bad and change that expression to something I feel could be attractive. The magic is that it's all in your head so people won't really notice those things anyways and once I'm comfortable with how I look people would see that I'm confident and they'll find that more attractive anyways.
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