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Default Re: Nude in front of parents

Originally Posted by Coolteenboy View Post
Ok guys, so this is the deal.
Im not a prude by any sense. I have no issue changing or being naked in front of friends or cousins, either boys or girls. Or anyone else for that matter.

But this morning my mom walked in on me in the bathroom (unintentionally and i wasnt doing anything....... Uummmmm..... Questionable, but i absolutely FREAKED. And i do my best to NOT be naked in front of my dad either. I get it. We r all family, we all live together, my mom washes my clothes (including underwear, gym clothes, and stuff) but it makes me SUPER UNCOMFORTABLE and so embarrased to see me without clothes.

Is this wierd??
Lool bro this is nothing. Imagine your ex girlfriends mum seeing you naked. Wasn't the best moment of my life haha!
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