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Default Choosing a Name?? FtM

I'm trying to choose out of three names and I'm just looking for advice. Currently they're Miles, Norman, and Rhys and I've been using Miles while claiming the other two are my "middle names" to people I'm out to. But in truth I'm indecisive and I'm questioning what I really want to be called.
I chose Miles because I like it and it's the name of a video game character I like. Honestly I don't see anything wrong, I just... don't know. Sometimes I question if I'm uncomfortable or just getting used to it
Norman was one I just came up with and most people tell me I "look like a Norman" (I agree). I also like it.
Rhys is the name of my favourite video game character (whom I relate a lot with) and I love it's uniqueness.
I'm looking for something not too common and that I'm comfortable with being called all day. I think the problem is that these three are just too good and I can't settle on one, and I still haven't gotten to hear myself be called any of them too much (the only one some of my friends are getting used to is Miles, and that's it). And it's a huge task because I certainly plan with being stuck with this for the rest of my life.
Does anyone have pointers on how to figure out which name satisfies oneself? Please don't suggest anything different unless you think it's an extremely good idea, because I'm very attached to these three (it took me long enough to narrow down the list)

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