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Default Re: need to hide scars and new cuts doctors appointment

Could you make them just do it on the arm you haven't cut? I mean when they've taken my blood pressure it's just been in one arm so could you not specify that you want it on a certain arm by taking one sleeve of your jacket off and not the other? I mean the GP has taken my blood pressure over my jacket before. I don't know yours might be different. Also doctors alone should be okay. I've been terrified of this when I've had to have blood tests I have massive burns and scars from cutting on my arm and although the nurse looked a little shocked she didn't say anything about them and I hadn't even tried to cover them up because I knew her seeing would be inevitable. Just seem happy and make a couple of jokes and they should just dismiss it. It might be harder if your mum is in the room with you though, can you not ask her to wait outside?
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