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Default Re: Feeling at war with yourself - my bipolar diary

I have this sleeping problems now for quite a while. I hoped it would get better but unfortunately not.
In addition I now half my body hurts terrible and it gets worse everyday.I have this awful pain in my neck, shoulder and arm while all my fingers go numb. I have to be so careful when I hold something in my hand. It's like I have no strength in my hand at all. At the same time the pain drives me crazy. I get even less sleep because of this pain.

I know it is all still from my car accident. My body was fucked up in it way more than I wanted to admit. The doc told me it could result in lifelong chronic pain but since I feel fine for a couple of weeks in between I usually do1 give the whole thing that much attention.

But at the moment both my mental and my physical state are really bad.

I can't talk about it with Dad...I hate bringing up the car crash around him.

But I have to do sleep, being in pain...I can't concentrate on my classes in school anymore and I have a hard time keeping up my social life and my relationship.
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