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Default Re: Introduction Survey!

First Name: J.R.
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Location: Arizona
Orientation: Straight
Religion: Roman Catholic
Do you have any siblings? Yeah, my little brother.
If so, how old? 11
You guys have a good relationship? Yeah
Do you have any pets? Yeah
If so how many and what kind? 2. A cockatiel bird and a basset hound.
What are some of your hobbies? Swimming, diving, working out, girls, computers, looking at porn.
What are some of your talents? Iím a damn good swimmer.
What makes you happy on a bad day? The pool. Sleeping.
What do you do on rainy days? We barely get rain here in the desert.
What grade/year/etc are you in? Sophomore.
You receive good grades? Yeah
What's your career path? Maybe go to the Naval Academy or do NROTC in college and become a US Naval Officer.
What are some other interests of yours? Reading. Travel. Video games.
What is your favorite thing to do? Swim, work out, or play video games.
What is your least favorite thing to do? Wake up and get dressed in the morning.
What's your favorite food? Chicken wings. Or Chinese food.
What's your favorite drink? Pepsi
Who would you like to meet living or dead? JFK
Who is your idol? My Dad.
What is your favorite band? Broken Bells.
What is your favorite song? After the Disco.
How did you find this site? Google
What made you want to join? Curiosity. Thought my views and opinions could help others too.
Have you read the FAQ and rules? Yeah, as boring as it all was.


J.R. / 🌵 / ARIZONA
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