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Default Re: Introduction Survey!

First Name: Mathhew(Mateja in my language)
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Location: Serbia
Orientation: Straight curious
Religion: Belive there is something, but not God
Do you have any siblings? 2
If so, how old? 11 and 20
You guys have a good relationship? Yes
Do you have any pets? No
If so how many and what kind? No
What are some of your hobbies? Reading, writing, swimming , music, video games, watching anime
What are some of your talents? Well, playing a piano and guitar(not very well), intelligent(if that's talent xD), singing, I am actor and I don't know what else, maybe I have more talents that I must find in myself
What makes you happy on a bad day? Music, video games, have someone to talk
What do you do on rainy days? Sleep, music, video games etc
What grade/year/etc are you in? 9 grade(first year of mine secondary school)
You receive good grades? Yes
What's your career path? I would like to become any scientist, or biologist, or psihologist, or someone who works on computer
What are some other interests of yours?
What is your favorite thing to do? To eat, to watch anime, to play League of Legends, to listen the music
What is your least favorite thing to do? Go to school, but that's something you must do
What's your favorite food? I don't know really
What's your favorite drink? Water, orange or apple juice
Who would you like to meet living or dead? That' hard question, my answer is, when the time come, I will know
Who is your idol? I don't have now
What is your favorite band? I don't have now
What is your favorite song? Nightcore version of my songs
How did you find this site? I just google: forum for teen male sex help xD
What made you want to join? I wanted to someone answer me on my problem and they did! They made me feel better! This is a really good forum!
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