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Default Re: What the hell have I done?

Hi again~~ I'd thought that I'd try to help you here as well as with the other situation~ I think that when we are feeling too much and when those feelings overtake us we often try to find an escape; and I think Valentin A. Clarke was where you stashed up all those bad emotions. I want to let you know that it's okay to be afraid of feeling the bad stuff. I accept him, and I accept you. You are someone who is feeling lost, miserable and in need of help from everyone including those who love you. I understand the paranoia and the delusions and the mood swings, they are all a part of the chaos boiling inside and I want you to feel at peace again. I really do want that for you. I think you need to tell someone about this, either a family member or friend. I'm sorry if this is upsetting in any way and I know how hard it is to tell someone: but I think it's best you go see a mental health professional who will provide more informed, accurate and detailed information to help you.
I know things are tough, and it's hard to be positive and push the bad things away right out of our minds, but I know you will be alright. I understand your pain, but I believe that it will get better. I hope you can believe that too~

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