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Default What the hell have I done?

A few months ago, I read a book called Skulduggery, and this woman has another personality within her, with a separate name, and separate powers. Now, i thought that it would be cool if I made one of these, so I called it Apocalypse, because I made him embody all my bad emotions, and I made him a point of release for my anger. If he was awakened fully, he would be dangerous. I realised that the name was stupid and changed the 'alter ego's name to Valentin Clarke. He is my anger, my paranoia, all bad emotions. Makes me believe that people cant be trusted. I argue with him in my head. Like he tells me i cant trust someone, so i tell him to shut the fuck up, and he just goes mmm. Because I'm fairly good at arguing, I can't argue with myself. Or another version of myself. I realised today that he had a middle name. Valentin A. Clarke. Apocalypse. Am I delusional? Am I going insane? I also can't believe that life is real. I keep thinking that my life is a simulation because I keep seeing things move, which could never move. I see the ceiling contort as well. And it makes me think that I'm insane. I keep switching moods constantly, I'll be happy, then extremely angry.
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