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Default Re: almost attention seeking

Originally Posted by isa_bella340 View Post
I'm not really sure if this is where this should go but here I go.
basically I grew up an extremely shy and quiet kid. I was extremely underweight, shy, emotional but held it in, and had some abuse from my brother. I never really talked to my parents about Anything.

so recently I've been noticing I've been kind of attention seeking. they have called me "drama- queen" for about 3 years , when I started becoming more of an attention seeker. I really think it's because of all the lost time from being a quiet to myself child. I just want people to know I'm here. I don't want to feel forgotten. I don't want to be that one kid in the class and no one realizes I'm gone that day. I'm not a very loud person though. but I do seek attention from parents. and I see it. but I can't stop it. it makes me feel bad.

any words of advice or anything?
Alright you know I like to tease you and all but I just got to say, be yourself dude. Simple I know right, you're pretty cool.

Originally Posted by Ellia View Post
Yes I am the same way, I guess I act out sexually you could. It is really hard to stop
Uh what

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