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Default Re: Does anyone have any advice? Plz

Originally Posted by isaiah1038 View Post
Well, I know that it's confidential.... But still.. Thanks for the advice. Are there any online therapist services that are free, cause I don't want my mom to overhear me if I'm on the phone and I can't just leave the house for no reason just to make a phone call. My mom would get suspicious.
Do some looking. I know boystown national hotline advertises on TV all the time about being able to talk confidentially about anything. When they ask for your info just tell them you prefer to remain anonymous and they won't care. They do that mainly for crisis situations where cops may need to be called.
They may also know another free line that deals with your type of issue more spevificly.

~I do not try to give advice as much as I do just point out facts as I have found people like to make their own decisions in life, not be told what one is best to make~

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