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Default Re: Does anyone have any advice? Plz

Originally Posted by Katiya View Post
Well therapist is the only one really. You'd want to see a therapist tat deals with this type of thing. You are not the only one, believe me what ever weird things you do some one else out there has the same problem and is just as scared to say anything.

Therapy is completely confidential so no one would ever know. You could also look into over the phone therapy for it and use a fake name or nick name. Some places do this as well. Hotlines mostly, do some research
Well, I know that it's confidential.... But still.. Thanks for the advice. Are there any online therapist services that are free, cause I don't want my mom to overhear me if I'm on the phone and I can't just leave the house for no reason just to make a phone call. My mom would get suspicious.

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