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Default Re: The Graveyard: Unfulfilled Dreams

Life sucks, my friend. It's horrible, it's awful, it's not good. It keeps you down, it makes you feel like garbage. But, look at you, dog, you're still breathing and you're still going through life. So... basically...

You've made it. Every day, you survive to this thing called life, and that's a sign You've made it.

You also seek for help in tough moments, and that's very smart. You're awesome, dog!

In fact, you're going through some bad moments, and you may think your life sucks, but, look at you, you're still fighting against it, and every day that passes is a Victory against Life, so remind yourself every day, after going to sleep: I've made it. I've made it today, and I'm planning to do it tomorrow.

You're awesome, dude. Never change.

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