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Default Re: VT Reading Group

Originally Posted by Unqiuemind
I don't know about the page requirement in addition to 30 days. Is say argue for 60-62 days (those 31 month days: aka: 2 months) just because some months are busier than others or people go on vacation etc.
I'm good to let other participants work out the number of days to finish each work. I spend three to four hours a day commuting on a bus - and get through reading quite quick as a result - so I don't have the best judgement about what's a reasonable pace for people. However I so long as we keep it pleasant and open for people that can't do one sessions reading I don't have a problem with a time-limit being at the lower-end.

I also think suggestions of other resources is a good idea. I feel journal articles should be vetted first though because some of these demand an understanding of mathematics and statistics I don't feel it's fair to expect. Here's a random example of what I'm referring to. That also doesn't mean I disapprove of maths in all its guises but I'd rather highly-mathematical texts where avoided.

Originally Posted by Judean Zealot
And I would back a rotation system, just to keep things diverse.
This is what I would prefer too. Looking at the people I cited we seem to have a broad set of interests.


For those curious. If I didn't cite you it's because I don't see you enough in ROTW.

Others can feel free to flag interest.

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