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Default VT Reading Group

I mean for this to focus around non-fiction works. If this gets support at all I'm hoping we'll decide on a list together.

The hope is that we would choose works that are available as PDFs online because I most people here don't have a regular income. The aim then is that each month there would be work selected and we'd then have 30 days to read it. I would hope that these works would be short - i.e. <200 pp. Then there'd be discussion and perhaps that would occur in a separate ROTW thread.

I'm still considering as to whether the selection mechanism would be on rotation or democratic - or a mixture thereof.

Sound OK?


I'm tagging people that I think might be interested:

@Paraxiom @JudeanZealot @phuckphace @Uniquemind @Porpoise101 @Microcosm @Salad_Baby @Reise @Atom

Edit: For reference I'll be looking to start a thread and not a subforum.

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