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Default Re: Are you enjoying your puberty?

My experience has been positive so far I was an early bloomer and all the annoying stuff got out of the way pretty quick - acne, voice cracks, etcetera - each of these lasted for less than a month each for me, and none of them were really severe in the first place. Along with that, the more positive aspects of puberty - muscles, body hair (when manageable and where you want it), cumming, and the such - came along fine. Being more developed than most of my peers (and older than most kids in my grade) hasn't been a problem, but it wasn't the best at first either. For example, having pubes and armpit hair when other boys didn't in the locker room made me a bit of a center of attention. I realized though that they thought it was kinda cool. To give you an idea, I'm pretty much done with the major changes of puberty by now. I'm just waiting on facial hair and for a few other things to wrap up (everything's started, just a few small things need to finish like my "happy trail" or the trail of abdominal hair coming up from the pubes to fill in more) and the package will be sealed. (I don't really want/need facial hair, it's just the only thing I don't really have.)

Anyway, puberty brings lots of change, good and bad, and for me it's been pretty enjoyable.

Would you like an adventure now, or would like to have your tea first?

i'm just a gay boy who likes music and poetry and other things. i make worlds and things like that. ʕᴥʔ
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