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Default Re: This is a mix of alot otf topics...

Why are you letting your ex-boyfriend depress you? Why are you letting ANYONE put you down, or letting anyone have enough control over you to make you severely depressed? I think the solution is to just repeat "fuck them" in your mind. Look at all of the bullshit and depression your ex-boyfriend is putting you through. It's definetely not worth it. So what if some retarded skaters talked shit about you? Let's see who gets the last laugh when they break a bone or lose their teeth.

You need to sit down and think logically about your situations, rather than run away from them. Running away is only logical if you're about to be mugged - not if you're depressed. From personally suffering from severe depression, facing it is the solution to it. Always think about your problems, and how to solve them. If you need help from someone else, implore them.

Also, Think wether your ex-boyfriend really thinks as deeply about you as you think of him, which is deep enough to get depressed and fucking cut yourself. I really doubt he is cutting himself over depression for not having you. Would you two actually have a successful relationship? If you already failed, why try again?

I hope I was of some help.

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