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Default Re: Anxiety over trying out for drum major

Well, I have some news.

My band director said that he really doesn't want to have four drum majors again. So, he's really going to try to stick with three. That's a problem. That means there's only one position left. And, like I said, my best friend is an absolute social butterfly. Everyone in the band would pick him over me, definitely. Plus, he can play more than one instrument. I play clarinet and a bit of self taught piano, but that's it. And, he takes private lessons. I don't. I'm too scared of the private lessons teacher. She's an absolute nightmare. And, he's gone to State Festival with his oboe solo. I went to regional festival last year, got a 2, cried for literal days, and didn't go again this year. I was too afraid. I'll go next year, probably, but I never want to do a solo again.
The odds are against me. BUT...
Today, all four drum majors went to the front of the room and said that tryouts are in about a month. They said that if anyone is interested, we need to talk with a current drum major and see about attending a couple of practices. That doesn't mean that you're absolutely going to try out, though. It's just if you're even remotely considering it. And I am. So I will go. My other best friend, the one who isn't trying out, is convinced that our band director will not be able to choose between the two of us. She thinks he'll just have four drum majors again. I really hope so. The only reason we had four last year is because everyone who tried out was too good. I hope that happens again. That's the only way I'll possibly make it.

Anyway, just an update. Thanks for the prior advice, guys ❤️
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