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Default Re: Just started ejaculating

Originally Posted by skittlesh View Post
So I just started ejaculating and I don't like it I'm 15 so pretty late before this I could just go out it wherever now I have to get up and clean up so my question is one how do you clean up cuase like 10 mins after I clean up another lot of pre cum leaks out is that normal and 2 is there a way to not ejaculate thanks
The only way not to ejaculate is to jerk so much you run out. So...

If you need to talk, about anything, you can come to me. You can come to me about anything. Trust me, I have heard about everything. For example, puberty, sex, masturbation, friendship, stress, relationships, etc.
I am 90% gay, there is a 10% of me that likes girls. Who am I to deny the Heart?
I am 16 years old. Please feel free to message me, because I love talking to people.
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