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I am schizophrenic and I'm worried its starting to ruin my life. The only people that know are my mom and dad, even my school doesn't know because I see private doctors and therapists, I don't really have any close friends but I never dare tell any of them anyway because the world is extremely non-understanding and judgmental of people like me and I don't want people to think I'm more of a freak and make fun of me and shun me more than they already do. They have all already figured that there is something wrong with me, but they just think I am a "crazy little fucker". People like me get portrayed in movies, TV shows and the media as evil and dangerous and retarded people and it makes me very angry when I think about it. I've never even told my significant others, and the idea of going through my life keeping this secret locked away inside is just killing me. I literally lie awake at night for hours just thinking about it...

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