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Default Re: Hair Pulling

This is Trichotillomania, it's a disease where you unconsciously pull your hair out and yes, it is a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I know a handful of people who do this, and, being severe OCD myself, I can understand where you're coming from. I found that what helps my friend a lot of the time is wearing your hair up. Also, you can try wearing hats to reduce the urge/give a barrier. A big thing is to try to distract yourself- I pick at my cuticles until the bleed (gross I know) and that is a habit very similar to this, so I find it happens more often when I'm sitting down relaxing. Do active things! Stress ball is a great idea too. If it's still bothering you and you can't get anything to stop it, try talking to a therapist about it. This is not a very uncommon thing, they should be able to help and trust me; they help a lot. Hope I helped you.

Also, if you begin to develop bald spots; a great option is a wig. Not for cosmetic purposes per se; but because the synthetic fibers in the wig aren't attached to your scalp and don't have that same satisfying "pop" of the hair (in my friend's words) and there's no urge to keep pulling it.

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